MECHANICAL SWAN – Black Dawn Romance

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MECHANICAL SWAN - Black Dawn Romance

Black Dawn Romance

Metal turning on itself on the dancefloor results in an elegant faux pas.

At some strange point, hard rocking, an overtly extrovert type of heavy music, began to suck in dance grooves, and it was a good kind of showing off – until shoegazing found its way into the mix. That’s where this Italian quartet pitched their headquarters, but while “Tear Me Down” bristles with life, the death disco loses its attractive edge quite often. Thus, the proggy fanfare of “No Tears To Cry” gives way to a wave of piano-sprinkled pounding riffs, and “Emerald Bird” flutters in the power metal clouds with a folky lining, they sag under Pasquali Matteo’s vocals until the guitars of Truzzi Federico and Fabrizio Incao pick it all up.

The tension’s kept high in “Memories” – in the mold of PET SHOP BOYS whose influence is all over cello-adorned groove of “My Lonely Life” – yet what could have turned into memorable pop, becomes too vibrant for its own good in “Human” despite its electronic allure. On the contrary, “If You” uses this tinge quite organically to buzz up its acoustic balladry, yet the arresting melancholy of “In Your Room” may jar once heaviness drowns the ivories roll. The title track offers a perfect marriage of all the elements the band tie together, and there’s an arena-sized ambition is finally justified. This work is worth dallying with.


October 30, 2013

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