MEDICINE HEAD Return With A New Album

It took John Fiddler an entire decade, a serious health scare and forming of his own label to come up with a new MEDICINE HEAD album. Titled “Warriors Of Love” and following in the wake of “Fiddlersophical” that was released back in 2011, this record may be heavier and meatier than its predecessors such as 1971’s “Heavy On The Drum” and the like, but John, who also used to sing for BRITISH LIONS and BOX OF FROGS isn’t stranger to sounds like these. Neither he’s stranger to the people who helped him lay it down.

Featured on “Warriors” are former Lion Morgan Fisher, a co-writer of “Forgive And Forget” and keyboard player on most of the tracks, and former Frog Dzal Martin on guitar, with ex-BAD CO axeman Dave Colwell and Roy Shipston from ROCOCO on Wurlitzer. Given their combined experience and a knack for a great lick, the album – available now on the band’s website and on digital platforms in September – isn’t a thing to miss.

Warriors Of Love

1. Warriors Of Love (album mix)
2. Chinese Whispers
3. Love In Your Eyes
4. Dancing In The Rain
5. Want Your Love
6. The Ballad Of Ruby Rose
7. Dreams I Lost
8. Alcohol And Cheap Perfume
9. Give Me Love
10. Forgive And Forget
11. Warriors Of Love (single mix)

July 26, 2021

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