Michael Voss Kneels At The Altar Of His STATUS QUO Idol

Michael Voss is hard rock vocalist – if aficionados forgot about his old band MAD MAX, they should remember his recent work, including that as a producer, on the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP albums – so one may assume the German singer’s role models were warblers from this genre. Yet, as it turned out, the veteran’s idol has always been one of STATUS QUO’s singing guitarists, Rick Parfitt, and it’s Parfitt Moss will honor on October 27th, with the release of his third solo album.

Titled “Rockers Rollin'” and featuring Rick’s favorite instrument in Michael’s hands on its cover, the platter surprisingly doesn’t contain a single piece from a record the late great artist issued on his only record and, instead, comprises ten QUO classics. Not that there’s anything wrong about such an approach, especially when Voss’ guests on the album mostly come from the STATUS camp – among them are drummer John Coghlan, bassist John “Rhino” Edwards and keyboard player Andy Bown, plus singer Rick Parfitt Jr. – alongside Mat Sinner and other heavyweights. More so, “Pictures Of Matchstick Men” being a notable exception, SQ material is rather rarely covered.

Rockers Rollin’

1. Again And Again
2. Rain
3. Don’t Drive My Car
4. For You
5. Rockers Rollin’
6. Oh! What A Night
7. Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
8. Reason For Living
9. Coming And Going
10. Living On An Island

August 25, 2023

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