Mick Clarke drives his blues mad

Those who keep the records by KILLING FLOOR in high esteem may not be aware of the fact that the band’s leader Mick Clarke is still very much active. One of the best British blues guitarists, he’s not been slow in delivering a new record after last year’s brilliant "Ramdango", and “Crazy Blues” threatens to be no less murderous – in a good sense. Not for nothing the veterans covers “See You Later Aliigator” (the video’s below) on this one alongside two lesser classics and Mick’s own pieces.

Out on May 12th, the album contains a dozen tracks:

MICK CLARKE - Crazy Blues

Crazy Blues

1. No Way To Get Along
2. Complicated Woman
3. The Thing
4. Stretch
5. Lovin’ Heart
6. Rain
7. See You Later Alligator
8. Smoked Ham Blues
9. Steady Road
10. Fuzz
11. Mr W’s Holiday
12. Crazy Blues

Read the review here.

May 12, 2014

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