Mick Clarke: From “Killing Floor” To “Bent Frets”

In Mick Clarke‘s world new year means new album – with the same color, of course, as his chosen genre, blues, dictates, although with a different, hue. “Bent Frets” that follows up 2017’s "Diggin' Down" – available for download now at all major digital platforms, with a CD to emerge a little later – is a typical for a KILLING FLOOR guitarist collection of original compositions and covers which complement them. This time, there are four classics on offer, one being Tarheel Slim’s “Number Nine,” a connoisseur delight.

As for the full list of a Devil’s dozen tracks, it looks like this (read the review):

MICK CLARKE - Bent Frets

Bent Frets

1. Daddy-O
2. Spoonful Blues
3. Number Nine
4. If You Really Mean It
5. Mean Old World
6. Heart Of Stone
7. Don’t Take That Road
8. La Mauvaise Herbe
9. Kitchen
10. Mountain Road
11. Still Be Mine
12. Hat Rack
13. Leaning To The View

January 20, 2018

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