Mick Grabham Emerges From PROCOL Shadow With Archival Album

PROCOL HARUM may have started their journey with a more famous guitarist, but it was Mick Grabham who stayed with them through most of the ’70s, until the band fizzled out. He didn’t contribute to the ensemble’s much, writing-wise, Grabham’s only composer credit attached to 1977’s “The Mark Of The Claw” that he co-penned with Keith Reid, although Mick stood behind quite a few melodies on the records by his previous group, COCHISE, which he led together with B.J. Cole, and a couple of cuts by PLASTIC PENNY, his early collective. Apparently not too prolific, the six-stringer issued only one solo album, “Mick The Lad” – laid down in 1972, around the time he joined Gary Brooker’s team – and left his imprint on 1997’s “Guitar Orchestra” where many a luminary played, and there were sessions in the interim, for the likes of Matthew Fisher and Yvonne Elliman. And then, the veteran virtually vanished from public view, focusing on custom-building and refurbishing amplifiers – until now.

Titled “Original Paint” and comprised of 14 tracks, his new release, out on January 14th, spans several decades. There are originals alongside covers of classic pieces, such as “All Shook Up” that Elvis used to sing and “I Can Tell” from Bo Diddley’s repertoire, delivered by Grabham in the company of stellar musicians, including bassists Andy Pyle, Jim Leverton and Rick Wills, keyboardists Mick Weaver and Pete Wingfield and the aforementioned Brooker on piano, and PENNY’s Nigel Olsson and PROCOL’s BJ Wilson on drums. Full of tasty shuffle-smeared licks, it looks like a truly indispensable offering.

Original Paint

1. Ninety Nine Pounds
2. All Shook Up
3. Cadillac
4. Diamonds
5. Fool in Love
6. Harlem Nocturne
7. Hit & Miss
8. I Can Tell
9. On Fire For You
10. Some Mistakes
11. Down on the Southside
12. Stop in The Name of Love
13. Brand New Tango
14. Trouble

January 18, 2022

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