Mickey Jupp Jumps Back Into The Fray

Difficult to believe, but it’s been about four decades since Mickey Jupp issued new album of fresh music – not counting 2009’s “Never Too Old To Rock” by the reunited LEGEND this artist was part of, for many years he used to release only singles, live documents and CD-Rs of pieces from personal archives, while songs he wrote for the likes of DR. FEELGOOD continued to haunt the waves. However, the veteran inked a deal last year with an independent British label with a prospect of launching “The Boot Legacy”: a series of proper-sounding records he made over the deceptively silent period at his home in the English village of Boot, the first of which is to be out on July 29th.

Titled “Up Snakes, Down Ladders” and featuring no less than 16 cuts, it’s going to see the light of day digitally and also as a limited edition CD, with all instruments and vocals laid down solely by Mickey. Looks like a fest for the Jupp fans who still spin “Juppanese” and sigh.

Up Snakes, Down Ladders

1. I’d Love To Boogie
2. Up Snakes, Down Ladders
3. Why Don’t You Don’t?
4. Like You Don’t Love Him
5. Man In The Mirror
6. Loving The Wrong Girl
7. Learning To Swim
8. The Nature Of The Beast
9. Get Hot
10. Bad News Can Travel Slow
11. Lonely Boy
12. I Beg Your Pardon (You Heard)
13. I Threw Myself At You (And Missed)
14. The Blues Ain’t What They Used To Be
15. The Ballad Of Tutford Darnell
16. Pilot

July 27, 2022

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