Mike McGear’s Eponymous Album Gets Expanded

Even though Mike McGear never wanted to be accused of riding his older brother, Paul McCartney‘s coattails – that’s why he adopted a pseudonym – when it came to recording a follow-up record to his solo debut, the two decided to work together. To work on a single which soon enough grew into an album where not only the entire WINGS played – and ex-Beatle co-wrote most of the tracks – but also Mike’s colleague from GRIMMS, Vivian Stanshall, made an appearance. The result was close to a pop masterpiece, and June 28th will see its reissue – adorned with a poster and, what’s more important, expanded to include single cuts and a lot of previously unheard pieces, gathered on the set’s second CD.

There’s also a DVD featuring interviews with the artist and a promo video for the aforementioned ’45. It’s an interesting offering, with ROXY MUSIC cover for an opener and alternative versions of some songs, all of which running like this:



CD 1 – Remastered album:
1. Sea Breezes
2. What Do We Really Know?
3. Norton
4. Leave It
5. Have You Got Problems
6. The Casket
7. Rainbow Lady
8. Simply Love You
9. Givin’ Grease A Ride
10. The Man Who Found God On The Moon
bonus tracks:
11. Sweet Baby
12. Dance The Do

CD 2 – Out-Takes & Extras:
1. Sea Breezes (without orchestra)
2. Leave It (extended version)
3. Dance The Do (rough 1st mix)
4. What Do We Really Know? (monitor mix)
5. Paddy Pipes 1
6. Do Nothing All Day
7. A To Z
8. Girls On The Avenue
9. Paddy Pipes 2
10. All The Whales In The Ocean
11. Blowin’ In The Bay
12. Keep Cool (version 1)
13. Keep Cool (version 2)
14. I Just Want What You Got – Money!
15. Paddy Pipes 3
16. Viv Stanshall Sings
17. Let’s Turn The Radio On
18. Dance The Do Radio Ad 1
19. Dance The Do Radio Ad 2

1. Mike McGear Reminisces At The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts
2. Mike McGear – Interview At The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool
3. “Leave It” Promotional Film 1974

April 18, 2019

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