Mike Pinera Corrals Stellar Crew For Next Voyage

Although he played in IRON BUTTERFLY and starred in RAMATAM, it was with BLUES IMAGE that Mike Pinera had shot to fame in the late ’60s – and it’s this name he’s been working under for quite a few years now. Not that it allowed the veteran to add a lot of new pieces to his brilliant catalogue, if 2017’s "Timeless" was anything to go by, but February will see the singing gunslinger enter the classic waters once again.

feat. Mike Pinera –
Next Voyage

The band’s new album, titled “Next Voyage” and produced by the esteemed Michael Franklin – the man behind such multi-artist records as Jon Anderson‘s "1000 Hands" and Robby Steinhardt’s "Not In Kansas Anymore" – who also lays down keyboards on it, features not only the notable guests Pat Travers and Jonathan Caine coming over from the previous platter but also orchestra and choir. As for the material performed here, it’s for the most part time-tested numbers, with “Ride, Captain, Ride” expanded to an entire suite. Read the review.

1. Butterfly Bleu
2. Something To Say
3. Love Is The Answer
4. Isla
5. Leaving My Troubles Behind
6. In A Gadda Da Vida
7. Fugue / Paid My Dues
8. Captain’s Suite:
    Next Harbor / Ride, Captain, Ride / Safe Harbor / Ride, Captain, Ride

January 29, 2023

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