Miller Anderson To Expand Solo Debut

It’s one of the world’s greatest injustices that Miller Anderson isn’t a superstar he deserves to be. As a singing guitarist with KEEF HARTLEY BAND, he graced the Woodstock stage, and this musician’s subsequent career saw him play, at various times, in such prominent blues collectives as SAVOY BROWN, CHICKEN SHACK and MOUNTAIN, star in HEMLOCK and DOG SOLDIER, and join as official member not only THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP but also T. REX, as well as record a few albums with a group of his own. Miller’s solo discography started in 1971, with the release of “Bright City” on which Anderson was accompanied by friends – including Gary Thain, Neil Hubbard, Blue Weaver and Lyn Dobson – and which will be reissued on May 27th in a newly remastered and expanded form.

It’s a fabulous platter where the veteran shines as both performer and songwriter, yet this new edition is to provide an additional glance at his talent, because the CD’s bonus tracks comprise, alongside a single B-side, five numbers Miller Anderson cut for BBC around the time of the platter’s appearance. There, he splits the album’s opener in two separate pieces and delivers “On A Ship To Nowhere” that would not see the light of day until HEMLOCK’s only offering two years later. A must-have item.

Bright City

1. Alice Mercy (To Whom It May Concern)
2. The Age Of Progress
3. Nothing In This World
4. Bright City
5. Grey Morning Broken
6. High Tide, High Water
7. Shadows ‘Cross My Wall
bonus tracks:
8. Another Time, Another Place (B-side)
BBC “Sounds of the 70s” session, September 13th, 1971:
9. Alice Mercy
10. High Tide, High Water
11. On A Ship To Nowhere
12. Shadows ‘Cross My Wall
13. To Whom It May Concern

March 12, 2022

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