From behind “Mindfreak”: Mick James goes solo

Known for his musical contribution to the TV series “Criss Angel Mindfreak” including its recognizable main theme, Mick James‘ curriculum vitae runs deeper than this one show. Actor, songwriter and producer, he’s been working with other artists for long, but it’s only now that the guitarist came up with a solo album. Out now, “Mick James Is Dead” is an eponymous soundtrack to the currently-in-the-works movie and features some notable rock personalities, among them members of GUNS N’ ROSES, TNT, SKID ROW and RAINBOW.

There’s some hard rock action going on there… yet “Another Cup Of Coffee” ain’t a Bob Dylan song.

MICK JAMES - Mick James Is Dead

Mick James Is Dead

1. Goodnight
2. Speeding Like A Fiend – feat. Dave “Snake” Sabo
3. 911 Guess What You’re Dead – feat. Tony Harnell
4. Wake Up Dead & Gone
5. Ripper’s Speech
6. Piss On My Grave – feat. Bobby Rondinelli
7. She’s Coming Ta Getcha / Necrophilia The Necromanic –
      feat. Bobby Rondinelli
8. Another Cup Of Coffee
9. Die Mother Fucker Die
10. It’s On!
11. I Don’t Fight Fair
12. Had Enough I’d Reather Be Dead
13. Reality Check / I Cant Get No Rest In Peace –
      feat. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal & Bobby Rondinelli
14. My Life Before Me
15. Crash – feat. Bobby Rondinelli

June 29, 2014

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