MISTY BLISS – Misty Bliss

Black Market Music 2018

MISTY BLISS - Misty Bliss

Misty Bliss

Electric warriors on the edge of time: Swiss trio serve up impressive debut EP.

There’s enough stardust to cover common ground between space rock and glam, and this little ensemble tread such an unlikely path with grace. Taking effervescent riffs to a slider-oiled stratosphere on “Love Confession” with the strength of her voice while anchoring the drift with bass to kickstart the record’s hefty title track, vocalist Mina may not be in a hurry to deliver all the delights she and her colleagues hint at, yet the tension they weave is quite sweet.

As Dr Gab’s six strings get strummed and fractured to spice up Al’s motorik, if muscular, drums, serenity is blown to bits. but “Deep Desire” has glittery dance moves ingrained in its cosmic, slightly bluesy swagger. So when the the rock ‘n’ roaring “Take On The World” proclaims the ensemble’s taut intent, the listener must be dead to resist their drive. Which is a promising start.


January 10, 2019

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