MKRV 2014



Hazy impressionistic wandering from Russian enigmatic acronymists.

“Just keep your eyes closed,” implore this band close to the end of their first full-length album, and that’s not difficult given its soporific flow. All hushed voices and acoustic undercurrent exude comfortable atmosphere, as the whispered vocals in “Warmth Around You” suggest, yet ultimately the trio revel in a well-crafted minimalistic alienation. They set soft misanthropy in the heart of “All This Time” and render “Leave Me Alone” painfully plaintive, if sweet.

A short instrumental “A Couple Of Sparrows” comes tastefully spare, though, while the piano-propelled pop of “Your Way Back Home” possesses a West Coast rock pull. More so, a number of tracks propose a walk, so the crackling closer “You Are” feels quite life-affirming. So there is a way out of this haze – one only needs to find it.


May 3, 2015

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