MOTÖRHEAD Unleash Alternative Cut Of Their Shameless Comp

Issued four decades ago, “No Remorse” was the greatest introduction to MOTÖRHEAD lore possible, the double LP presenting the band’s best moments to the date, augmenting those with a smattering of fresh cuts. Fast forward forty years, and releasing it for the fourth time, bonuses or not, wouldn’t feel right, what with Lemmy’s ensemble having produced a lot of fine material after the collection’s original appearance. Which is why the arrival of its alternative version a couple of weeks ago, for the Record Store Day 2024, seemed more than welcome – only people not inclined to hunt festive vinyl were a tad disappointed, so finally “Remorse? No!” – that’s the title of this comp – will be out on CD as well.

Scheduled for June 14th, the two-disc set is comprised of 24 tracks, just like the 1984 classic, and contains many of its numbers, albeit in different variants, with quite a few previously unaired pieces, including demos and concert recordings: a lot for connoisseurs to delve in and enjoy. Non-completists might not want to bother, though.

Remorse? No!

CD 1:
1. Ace Of Spades (alt. version)
2. Motörhead (live at Hollywood Palladium, October 1984)
3. Jailbait (alt. version)
4. Stay Clean (live at Newcastle City Hall, March 29th, 1981)
5. Poison (demo)
6. Killed By Death (demo)
7. Bomber (alt. version)
8. Iron Fist (Jacksons Studio demos – October 1981)
9. Climber (demo)
10. Chinese (demo)
11. Hump On Your Back (instrumental demo)
12. Snaggletooth (demo)

CD 2:
1. Overkill (single edit)
2. Under The Knife (12″ single – faster version)
3. Stone Dead Forever (alt. version)
4. Like A Nightmare (demo)
5. Over The Top (rough mix)
6. Steal Your Face (live from Sheffield, October 1984)
7. Louie Louie (alt. version)
8. No Class (instrumental)
9. Under The Knife (demo – slow)
10. (We Are) The Roadcrew (alt. version)
11. You Ain’t Gonna Live Forever (“Bomber” outtake)
12. Locomotive (demo)

May 2, 2024

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