MOTT THE HOOPLE’s “Dudes” Marks Its 50th Year With A Box Set

It might have been penned by David Bowie, yet it were MOTT THE HOOPLE who turned “All The Young Dudes” into a generations-spanning rock ‘n’ roll anthem, thus saving their declining career and rendering their fifth album, released in 1972, a classic on par with the British ensemble’s earlier platters. The record’s jubilee somehow went unnoticed last year, so – better late than never – this gem’s deluxe edition will see the light of day on December 8th.

It’s a limited edition thing – but there’s a limited demand on box sets that combine vinyl and compact discs, especially when there’s the same music on both versions. The refreshed “Dudes” is comprised of the original album, presumably remastered, on one disc, and rare mixes and outtakes on the other, plus a rarities-slanted 12″ single. And while fans should be happy to lay their hands on relevant paraphernalia – 72-page hardback book in a slipcase with Campbell Devine’s liner notes, two posters, three art prints, a replica of the “Sea Divers” Fan Club card and an individually numbered certificate – they will hardly ignore this collection’s incompleteness, as it’s missing the demos which were added to the album’s 2006 reissue and of which there must be many more.

All The Young Dudes:
50th Anniversary Edition

CD 1 / LP 1:
1. Sweet Jane
2. Momma’s Little Jewel
3. All The Young Dudes
4. Sucke
5. Jerkin’ Crocus
6. One Of The Boys
7. Soft Ground
8. Ready For Love / After Lights
9. Sea Diver

CD 2 / LP 2:
1. One Of The Boys (1980 remix Of 1971 Island recording)
2. Black Scorpio (1980 remix Of 1972 Island recording)
3. Movin’ On (1980 remix Of 1972 Island recording)
4. Ride On The Sun (1980 remix Of 1972 Island recording)
5. All The Young Dudes (1998 Bowie / Hunter vocal audiomorph)
6. One Of The Boys (edited version)
7. Sweet Jane (US single A-side)
8. Shakin’ All Over (Trident session outtake)
9. Please Don’t Touch (Trident session outtake)
10. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) (Trident session outtake)
11. One Of The Boys (US single A-side)

12″ single:
1. All The Young Dudes (Unlocked Cars version)
2. One Of The Boys (UK single B-side)

October 18, 2023

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