MREE – In The Kitchen

Nettwerk 2018

MREE - In The Kitchen

In The Kitchen

Class of glass from Portland’s folktronica artiste inviting you to where tasty action is – in slo-mo.

It’s been a long way from Mree’s 2011 debut “Grow” to her forthcoming EP “The Middle” – whose title, of course, must not mean she’ll release only three albums after it to mirror the three that are already there – and this way was always delivering on that original promise. The singer’s voice sounding in popular TV series such as “Grey’s Anatomy” seems to point to her extravert side, yet single “In The Kitchen” is opening the door to Mree’s inner sanctum. It’s as welcoming as the door to Wonderland, though, so it’s impossible not to step inside.

Yet it’s also so fragile that a mere listening may break this piece of lucid melody, where weightless vocals flutter amidst the lightest of strums before shooting high to leave whisper on the ground and flitter towards orchestral paradise… only to splinter into multicolored polyphony and acquire a groove. Delicate echoes and glimmering ivories add momentum to the song’s sheer delight; otherwise, the awe it elicits would be static and cold. Never still, it’s being in constant, perpetual even, motion – as best poetry is. Not an instant classic, “In The Kitchen” will become part of your psyche nonetheless.


March 30, 2018

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