What was good about STACKRIDGE and what’s good about this ensemble’s alumni project is unpredictable turns of their efforts to which the recent pandemic added more quirkiness. So while THE KORGIS went out the other end of Covid-related craze with "Kartoon World" where conceptual lines bulged like veins, MUTTER SLATER BAND are about to deliver a full-blooded record where songs come ruled by common ideas too.

Scheduled for physical release on April 21st, the follow-up to Mutter’s "Field Of Stone" from 2018 started slowly emerging approximately two years ago, when its titular track was played live and appeared on YouTube, and it also seemed to be available for some time on digital platforms. Now, though, Slater’s vocals should engage everyone eager to have a blue-eyed-soul party with a twist in the tale, because a disc has that wondrous tangibility no stream can provide – just listen to the album’s first single “This Is Gold” to feel the vibe.

The Masquerade

1. The Party
2. Let’s Call It A Draw
3. Treason
4. Show Me You Care
5. Party Reprise
6. This Is Gold
7. The Masquerade
8. Heading For A Fall
9. Troubadour Heaven
10. Keep Me From Fear

March 20, 2023

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