NAZZ Chart Alternative Course Through Their Past

When not confused with NAZARETH, today NAZZ are mostly remembered as a launchpad for Todd Rundgren who not only implemented everything he attempted to achieve with this collective as a songwriter and producer in his solo career but also notched a new version of their 1968 single “Hello It’s Me” which would rocket up the charts in 1972, three years after the ensemble ceased to exist, having left a meager legacy of four singles, two longplays and one posthumous archival platter. Still, connoisseurs of American garage rock and psychedelia seem to be very interested in everything the quartet laid down, and were delighted to find previously unheard numbers on “The Complete Nazz” in 2019, a box set comprising all three of the band’s LPs with bonuses, and that’s why the aficionados should be happy to get another set of rarities, scheduled for release on December 2nd.

Titled “Lost Masters & Demos” and compiled from the acetates that were kept for decades by the family of the group’s late bassist Carson Van Osten, the collection contains different versions of familiar pieces – cut with various producers in various studios before finalizing arrangement or mix, sometimes missing vocals or lacking affects which were added for the album variants – so it’s a treasure trove for fans and collectors. Those who don’t fit these categorizes will possibly have to pass.

Lost Masters & Demos

CD 1:
1. Forget All About It
2. Only One Winner
3. Magic Me
4. Gonna Cry Today
5. Meridian Leeward
6. Under The Ice
7. Some People
8. Rain Rider
9. Resolution
10. Old Time Lovemaking
11. Featherbedding Lover
12. Take The Hand
13. How Can You Call That Beautiful

CD 2:
1. Loosen Up
2. Sing A Song
3. Good Lovin’ Woman
4. Sing A Song Reprise
5. It’s Not That Easy
6. Plenty Of Lovin’
7. Letters Don’t Count
8. Kiddie Boy
9. Christopher Columbus
10. Hang On Paul
11. Not Wrong Long
12. You Are My Window
13. A Beautiful Song

CD 3:
1. Get Outta Here Baby (early version of “Rain Rider”)
2. Gonna Cry Today (alt. version – Dick Charles)
3. Hello It’s Me (1st mono mix – Hit Factory)
4. I’m Gonna Cry Today (alt. version – Dick Charles)
5. Kiddie Boy (alt version – Regent Sound)
6. Magic Me (alt. version – John Kurland)
7. Magic Me (mono – Regent Studios)
8. Not Wrong Long (alt. mix – Regent Studios)
9. Old Time Lovemaking (alt. version – Dick Charles)
10. Open My Eyes (alt. version stereo, no phasing)
11. Open My Eyes (alt. mix, no vocals – Dick Charles)
12. Open My Eyes (alt. version, no phasing – Dick Charles)
13. There Is Only One Winner (alt. version – Dick Charles)
14. Under The Ice (alt. version – Mastertone)
15. Under The Ice (stereo – Regent Studios)
16. Back Of Your Mind (alt. version – National Studios)
17. Hello It’s Me (alt. version – John Kurland)

October 22, 2022

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