Neil Merryweather’s Last Project To See The Light Of Day

Neil Merryweather‘s untimely passing in March 2021 robbed rock music of a significant force whose influence was felt far and wide, the Canadian artist’s ensembles including and various times such future luminaries as Rick James and Bruce Cockburn – and that’s without mentioning such enterprises of his as MAMA LION and HEAVY CRUISERS. A few years ago the veteran met Swedish guitarist Janne Stark, one of an impressive track records, and the pair of kindred spirits laid down first “Carved In Rock” in 2018 and then “Rock Solid” two years later. During the work on the latter, the two’s path crossed with that of drummer John Wackerman – and then they were three.

Cosmic Affect

In just two and a half days, the trio wrote ten tracks but, unfortunately, with Neil having left this world, John and Janne had to finish the album without him, with the blessing of his partner Kathleen. It’s finally ready now: “Cosmic Affect” will be released on November 11th and has all the chances to become one of the best hard rock platters of 2022.

1. Cinderman
2. Baby Put The Gun Down
3. Live Your Life
4. Gimme Good Lovin’
5. Down
6. Rock ‘N Roll Is My Drug
7. Beautiful
8. Judgement Day
9. Whatever
10. End Times

September 9, 2022

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