Neil Young Joins CRAZY HORSE Colleagues On A New Effort

With a single exception, nobody has played in CRAZY HORSE as long as Nils Lofgren, bassist Billy Talbot and drummer Ralph Molina – that’s without counting Neil Young, as he and the band used to exist not only together but also separately. Of course, all of the veterans had to work on their own during the pandemic, which is the reason why the platter the Molina, Talbot and Lofgren decided to compile afterwards, each contributing three pieces, doesn’t bear the ensemble’s name yet is rather credited to its creators. And it’s not limited to nine songs.

All Roads Lead Home

Upon hearing what his longtime compadres came up with, Neil wanted to thrown in one of his numbers and add his own name to the “All Roads Lead Home” – that’s how the album is titled – roll call. Slated for release on March 31st, this is an interesting record which may lead to a new collective opus soon.

1. Rain – Talbot
2. You Will Never Know – Lofgren
3. It’s Magical – Molina
4. Song Of The Seasons – Young
5. Cherish – Talbot
6. Fill My Cup – Lofgren
7. Look Through The Eyes Of Your Heart – Molina
8. The Hunter – Talbot
9. Go With Me – Lofgren
10. Just For You – Molina

March 29, 2023

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