NEKTAR Celebrate Their Jubilee With Concert Release

One of those ensembles to carry on delivering the goods after a few decades in the business, NEKTAR consistently proved their creative strength over the last releases, "The Other Side" being an excellent case in point. Not for nothing that record lent its title to the veteran’s forthcoming offering: a 2CD/Blu-ray set scheduled for issue on April 26th, titled “Journey To The Other Side – Live At The Dunellen Theatre June 10, 2023” and celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary.

As the album’s title suggests, it’s going to be a poignant one, preserving for posterity the second-to-last performance of the collective’s 2023 tour, their penultimate show with founding member, drummer Ron Howden, who passed away on September 29, aged 78. The group will take to the road again in June 2024, yet the September appearance at Nene Valley Rock Festival is said to be their final concert in the Old World. The package’s cover artwork seems rather unfortunate, though, getting too close to that of "Remember The Future" which also recently saw a box set treatment and, thus, can confuse potential buyers.

Journey To The Other Side

1. Introduction
2. The Light Beyond
3. A Tab In The Ocean
4. Skywriter
5. I’m On Fire
6. Dream Nebula
7. Drifting
8. Cast Your Fate
9. A Day In The Life Of A Preacher
10. Recycled 2
11. Show Me The Way
12. Remember The Future Part 1
13. Remember The Future Part 2
14. Look Through Me
15. Fidgety Queen
16. Good Day
bonus – soundcheck (Blu-ray only):
* Devil’s Door
* King Of Twilight

February 25, 2024

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