NEKTAR Close A Chapter With A Live Album

When Roye Albrighton died on July 26th, 2016, many fans assumed NEKTAR, a band he’s fronted since 1969 and again, after a hiatus, since 2000, would cease to exist, but no: they’re ready to carry on, led by another founding member, drummer Ron Howden. While a new line-up is yet to be revealed, a memento from the group’s last tour has just been released. “Live In Bremen” was recorded back in 2015, at the show that turned out to be Roye’s final stage appearance, which makes it poignantly special.

It’s a 2CD set that’s comprised from both classic cuts, from such masterpiece’s as "A Tab In The Ocean", and newer numbers, including the title track of 2013’s "Time Machine".

NEKTAR - Live In Bremen

Live In Bremen

CD 1:
1. A Tab In The Ocean
2. Band Introduction
3. Doctor Kool
   a. King Of The Deep
   b. Recycle (excerpt)

CD 2:
1. The Dream Nebula (Part 1 + 2)
1. Desolation Valley
2. Waves
2. Time Machine
3. Now
4. Cast Your Fate
   a. The Debate
   b. Man On The Moon
5. Good Day

May 6, 2017

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