NEKTAR Remember The Future In Definitive Way

If there ever was a progressive rock record of a second-echelon ensemble that has seen more than a fair share of reissues over the years, it’s NEKTAR‘s 1973 epic “Remember The Future” which, for the last decade and even longer, used to be out augmented not only with bonus numbers but also with an entire bonus disc, usually with concert cuts – as it was on the album’s 40th anniversary edition. So the platter’s expanded release seemed like simply a matter of time – and this time has come.

Scheduled for November 24th, the classic’s 50th anniversary edition will come on four CDs and a Blu-ray disc, comprising it fresh remaster, a few new remixes, a complete live show from 1974, and a smattering of audio and video tracks for a fuller experience. Given the importance of sound, as opposed to simple content, of “Remember The Future” – a multilayered record where details are important too, such a treatment is well-deserved and long overdue.

NEKTAR - Remember The Future

Remember The Future

CD 1 – The 50th Anniversary remaster:
1. Remember The Future – Part One
2. Remember The Future – Part Two
bonus track:
3. Let It Grow (Live Erbach, Germany – April 1973)

CD 2 – The 50th Anniversary stereo remix:
1-2 – as on CD 1
bonus tracks – German promo single versions:
3. Lonely Roads
4. Let It Grow

CD 3 – Live at Stadthalle, Munster, Germany – January 28th, 1974:
1. King Of Twilight
2. Desolation Valley
3. A Day In The Life Of A Preacher
4. Cast Your Fate

CD 4 – Live at Stadthalle, Munster, Germany – January 28th, 1974:
1. Odysee
2. That’s Life
3. Fidgety Queen
4. Ron’s On
5. Show Me The Way
6. Little Boy
7. Need Love
8. Smile / Lonely Roads
9. Let It Grow

Blu-ray –
The album:
* 96 kHz / 24-bit 5.1 Surround Sound mix
* stereo remix
* original stereo mix
* 1973 Quad mix
Visual content:
1. Remember The Future (promotional film, 1973)
2. Wings (BBC TV “Old Grey Whistle Test” – July 10th, 1973)
3. Desolation Valley / Waves (BBC TV “Old Grey Whistle Test” – October 23rd, 1973)

August 28, 2023

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