New Album By BLONDE ON BLONDE’s Dave Thomas Riding High

Whereas his erstwhile ensemble, South Wales’ BLONDE ON BLONDE, have grown in status over the last decades, Dave Thomas’ post-group career used to be rather profile – until recently. First, the singing guitarist’s collaboration with COLOSSEUM‘s namesake Greenslade which was mentioned here rather recently brought him to the attention of new listeners and aficionados alike, and now there’s the veteran’s new album riding up the charts. Called “Road To The Blues” and co-penned with Thomas’ old compadre Steve Jinks, the record is a tribute to its titular genre, refracting it through a dozen originals and a cover of Chuck Berry’s perennial.

“The album was officially released on 10th June while I was at The Chicago Blues Festival,” says Dave. “This week it is at Number 1 in the Roots Music Report’s UK top 50 albums and also at Number 1 in the UK top 50 song chart. It’s also at Number 1 in the Roots Music Report’s USA top 50 Song Chart, Number 4 in the USA top 50 Contemporary Blues album chart and at Number 5 in the USA top 50 Blues album chart. As you can imagine, I am delighted with the results so far! Having had great success with the ‘One More Mile’ album last year – which got to Number 1 in the UK, Number 4 in the USA Contemporary Blues Chart and Number 8 in the USA Blues Chart – I am delighted to see how well ‘Road To The Blues’ is being received too. After playing the blues for nearly 60 years I feel I am beginning to get the recognition I deserve.
I pride myself on being able to work very closely and intuitively with the musicians I choose to work with. On ‘Road To The Blues’ I have some of the best British blues players on the scene today. All of them have been band members in my bands and I have always encouraged them to find their own expression while they dig deeply into the feeling of the blues. I have been told on more than one occasion that I am the closest thing to a Chicago style guitar player. I have loved traditional blues since I first heard it many moons ago and I continue to pay homage to the great black American blues artists that I have learned from. Now I feel that I am truly developing my own voice as a guitarist, singer, harmonica player, songwriter and band leader. I think I am probably more of a John Mayall than an Eric Clapton and I am proud of carrying on the tradition of British blues which became such an important force in the 1960s. I was in at the beginning and I am grateful to be immersed in the blues to this day!
I seem to be growing more productive in my old age with three album releases in the last 18 months. I am very proud of what has been achieved with ‘Road To The Blues’ in creative, performance and production terms. I have had a great team to work with. I am already working on three more album projects. So much to do, so little time!”

As for the platter’s songs, here they are:

Road To The Blues

1. Road To The Blues
2. The Lady’s Not For Turning
3. Eye On The Money
4. Another Girl
5. Everywhere Man
6. Leaving San Francisco
7. Rose Tinted Love
8. Last Thing
9. Pretty In Pink
10. Winnebago Dreaming
11. After All These Years
12. Natural State Of Mind
13. Memphis Tennessee

July 3, 2022

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