New Force: Bonnet, Parga and Heavenstone plug it off

When Graham Bonnet opens his pipes, it’s never short of electrifying – be it with RAINBOW or ALCATRAZZ, to name but two band the singer fronted. One of the projects he’s been involved with was FORCEFIELD, and it was there that Graham met Mario Parga, a guitarist extraordinaire who played later on Bonnet’s "The Day I Went Mad" album, and they remain great friends to this day, once in a while thinking of doing something together again. And now, such talks came to a fruition.

BONNET, PARGA & HEAVENSTONE is how a new LA-based trio are billed, an ensemble featuring the two veterans on acoustic guitars and Beth-Ami Heavenstone, known for her work with HARDLY DANGEROUS and Tomi Rae Brown, on acoustic bass. Alongside their classic pieces and covers, the band sing and play original material soon to be shaped into an album and demonstrated on the group’s site. Lining up for a string of shows currently, they’re ready to strike. May the force be with them!

September 22, 2013

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