New PFM Album To Feature Steve Hackett And Ian Anderson

Five decades since their inception, PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI remain most famous Italian rock import, and the erstwhile chocolate kings still don’t seem willing to stop. Driven by the sole original member, singing drummer Franz Di Cioccio, and bassist Patrick Djivas who joined the line-up back in 1974, PFM are ready to present another theatrical record to their audience on October 22nd – a sci-fi-themed concept album titled “I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep” that the two veterans started working on in their home studios before bringing it all together and fleshing out not only with instruments by their regular colleagues, but also the two British luminaries: Ian Anderson and Steve Hackett.

Just like its predecessor, “Emotional Tattoos” from 2017, the new album will be made available in a variety of formats including two versions of the record, English and Italian ones, with the first single of the former available for listening below:

I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep

CD1 – English version:
1. Worlds Beyond
2. Adrenaline Oasis
3. Let Go
4. City Life
5. If I Had Wings
6. Electric Sheep
7. Daily Heroes
8. Kindred Souls
9. Transhumance
10. Transhumance Jam

CD2 – Italian version:
1. Mondi Paralleli
2. Umani Alieni
3. Ombre Amiche
4. La Grande Corsa
5. AtmoSpace
6. Pecore Elettriche
7. Mr. Non Lo So
8. Il Respiro Del Tempo
9. Transumanza
10. Transumanza Jam

August 27, 2021

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