Next Batch Of McCartney Remasters Detailed

PAUL McCARTNEY - Tug Of War / Pipes Of PeaceIt wasn’t a secret that the next titles in the Paul McCartney archive series would be the 1982-1983 brace of “Tug Of War” and “Pipes Of Peace” – the ex-Beatle broke this news in the previous batch of reissues. Now, though, his record label confirmed the release date of both, set for October 2nd, and the content of it all. These albums will be made available, as usual, in a variety of formats, the 2CD option comprised of original record – remixed in the case of the first one – and a bonus audio, while Deluxe Editions are to have a 112-page essay book and a 64-page additional one, scrapbook for “Tug Of War” and the look into the “Pipes Of Peace” video. There also will be a “ToW” Super Deluxe Edition of 1,000 sets, housed in an acrylic slipcase with five hand-numbered prints of images by Linda McCartney, 2LP and download for those who want it all upscale, downscale or traditional.

The breakdown of what’s to be there runs like this – and look at the videos below:

“Tug Of War”

CD 1: Album remix 2015

CD 2: Original album

CD 3:
1. Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From (demo)
2. Wanderlust (demo)
3. Ballroom Dancing (demo)
4. Take It Away (demo)
5. The Pound Is Sinking (demo)
6. Something That Didn’t Happen (demo)
7. Ebony And Ivory (demo)
8. Dress Me Up As A Robber / Robber Riff (demo)
9. Ebony And Ivory (solo version – 12″ single B-side)
10. Rainclouds (7″ single B-side)
11. I’ll Give You A Ring (single B-side)

1. Tug Of War (version 1)
2. Tug Of War (version 2)
3. Take It Away
4. Ebony And Ivory
5. Fly TIA – Behind The Scenes of Take It Away (18 mins)

“Pipes Of Peace”

CD1: Remastered album

CD 2:
1. Average Person (demo)
2. Keep Under Cover (demo)
3. Sweetest Little Show (demo)
4. It’s Not On (demo)
5. Simple As That (demo)
6. Say Say Say (2015 Remix)
7. Ode To A Koala Bear (single B-side)
8. Twice In A Lifetime (1993 bonus track)
9. Christian Bop (previously unreleased)

1. Pipes Of Peace
2. So Bad
3. Say Say Say
4. Hey Hey in Montserrat (3 mins)
5. Behind the Scenes at AIR Studios (6 min)
6. The Man (4 mins)

July 31, 2015

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