Nick Magnus Invites Old Friends On A New Trip

Five years have passed since Nick Magnus came up with an exquisite monolith of "N'Monix" that saw the veteran keyboard player engage in art-rock sort of controlled rapture, and he’s ready to unveil its follow-up which is more down-to-earth… Or not, because you can never be sure with Magnus whose new magnum opus always seems to be around the corner. Titled “Catharsis” and scheduled for a September 30th issue, Nick’s sixth solo album was inspired by his sojourn the Ariège region of the French Pyrénées, and this dictates the release’s format. It will be a deluxe 36-page mediabook with photos and lyrics, where CD is coupled with a 20-minute documentary – “progumentary” as the composer calls it – on an extras-expanded DVD.

Just like its predecessor, “Catharsis” has a stellar line-up in which Magnus once again reunites with his former colleagues in Steve Hackett‘s band: Steve the guitarist and vocalist Pete Hicks. Other luminaries are Amanda Lehmann, Andy Neve, Steve Unruh and Tony Patterson whose "Equations Of Meaning" featured Nick – so there’s a family vibe to this endeavor.


And that’s how it runs – to cleanse the listener’s soul:

1. Red Blood On White Stone
2. Three Tall Towers
3. Convivium
4. The Devil’s Bridge
5. The Market At Mirepoix
6. Gathering Mists
7. A Widow In Black
8. Mountain Mother

July 27, 2019

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