Nick Simper Released A Concept Album

Out for some time now but somehow fallen through the informational cracks, “De La Frog Conspiracy” is a new album, a concept one, by original DEEP PURPLE bassist Nick Simper and Austrian band NASTY HABITS with whom he issued a live record back in 2012. But while that was a DP covers set, this one comprises new songs – the first from Nick since his involvement in QUATERMASS II, alongside Mick Underwood – although “Slinky Models” may be an upgrade of “Slinky” from the concert CD.

Simper and HABITS even played a one-off gig together, thus setting hope that their 2013 farewell tour could be continued. Meanwhile, here’s what lies behind the “Conspiracy.”

Nick Simper & NASTY HABITS - De La Frog Conspiracy

Nick Simper & NASTY HABITS –
De La Frog Conspiracy

1. Mad Dream
2. Joke
3. Do Not Be Afraid
4. Dirty Water
5. True
6. Sad
7. On And On
8. Please Do Not Go
9. Slinky Models
10. Vampire Song
11. Cold

July 7, 2015

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