Nik Turner And Alan Davey: HAWKWIND Alumni Release New Albums

It’s a pure coincidence, of course: this March will the appearance of new records from not one but two former members of the mighty HAWKWIND: reedman Nik Turner and bassist Alan Davey.

Going first, on March 8th, is Turner’s “The Final Frontier” – a follow-up to his "Life In Space" from 2017. In Nik’s words, it looks back on classic psychedelia, so it might be a detour from the veteran’s latter-day stretch of spaced-out jazz rock. Themes are the same, though, which is not bad.

NIK TURNER - The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

1. Out Of Control
2. Interstellar Aliens
3. Thunder Rider
4. The Final Frontier – Part 1
5. Back To The Ship
6. Calling The Egyptians
7. Strange Loop
8. The Final Frontier – Part 2
9. PAD4

Three weeks later, on March 29th, BEDOUIN‘s “Time Is Made Of Gold” will see the light of day to pick up where Davey’s band left off with “As Above So Below” back in 2001, with Middle Eastern flavors still in situ.

BEDOUIN - Time Is Made Of Gold

Time Is Made Of Gold

1. Karma Is Coming
2. Seven Stars (Cluster 1)
3. A Starless Night
4. Last Caravan East
5. Full Is The Well
6. Seven Stars (Cluster 2)
7. The Red Heat Of The White Fire
8. Picture The Pieces
9. Dune Rider
10. Sword Dance
11. Rage From Sadness
12. I Can See Your Lies
13. Wild, Wild East
14. Magik Eyes
15. Bad Vibes
16. Seven Stars (Cluster 3)
17. Sand Crone

Given the presence of interstellar themes and pieces containing “Rider” on both records, it will be interesting to listen to each one and compare them – in addition to enjoying them, of course.

February 14, 2019

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