Nik Turner Continues His Space Shenanigans

Peculiar if singular: that’s how Nik Turner‘s latter-day aural exploration can be described. Going deeper into jazz extravaganza without severing his ties to prog rock, the veteran reeds player doesn’t shy away from a genre tag he was given aeons ago, so Turner’s next album “Life In Space” – scheduled for September 29th release – is to follow the route mapped out by 2015’s "Space Fusion Odyssey" and "Space Gypsy" from 2013. As usual, there are other ex-HAWKWIND musicians on the record, single “End Of The World” featuring Paul Rudolph on guitar, and a few tracks with Simon House’s violin.

With the finale of “Master Of The Universe” also harking back to to Nik’s former band, the tracklist runs like this (read the review):

NIK TURNER - Life In Space

Life In Space

1. End Of The World
2. Why Are You?
3. Back To Earth
4. Secrets Of The Galaxy
5. Universal Mind
6. Approaching The Unknown
7. As You Were
8. Master Of The Universe

September 2, 2017

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