Nik Turner Fronts New Band And Get To A New Frontier

It must take a special skillset for a musician to carve an original niche and stay in there for decades while constantly pushing the envelope beyond the pale and to new frontiers, yet that’s how Nik Turner‘s been ever since establishing his eternal space-rock credentials on "Warrior On The Edge Of Time" with HAWKWIND. In the following years, the esteemed reedman would go through various ensembles and build a solo career. delivering a multitude of records, his last being "The Final Frontier" from 2019, and the veteran didn’t stop afterwards. Today, on May 30th, he released “Synchronicity” as a frontman of a not-so-freshly formed collective named THE TRANCE DIMENSIONALS.

It’s a group created in 2016 by Steve Hillman, English guitarist and keyboard player whose discography is quite impressive, upon the acquaintance with Turner, envisioning Nik as their focal point and having written a few pieces especially for him: “Destination Void” clearly alluded to “The Golden Void” whereas “Sekhmet” evoked the spirit of the Egyptian-themed “Xitintoday” that the sax legend’s combo SPHYNX issued back in 1978. The new quartet are rounded off with Hillman’s former colleagues from RA RISING, drummer Dai Rees and bassist Rob Andrews, and there are guests on this platter, from ex-Hawkwinder’s past: Mr Dibs works his electronic magic on “Taken To The Limit” and Dave Anderson, also known for his stints in AMON DUUL II and THE GROUNDHOGS, adds four-strings rumble to the updated “Children Of The Sun” which first appeared on “In Search Of Space” in 1971.


The band already graced the stage – once, in pre-Covid era, in June 2019 – and they have enough material for another record by now, but their debut looks like this:

1. Destination Void
2. The Enchantress
3. Taken To The Limit
4. Cloudlands
5. Thunder Rider Invocation
6. Sphinx Dancer
7. Sekhmet
8. Angels Of The Light
9. Night Of The Jewelled Eye
10. Abode Of The Blessed
11. Children Of The Sun

May 30, 2022

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