Nik Turner’s “Space Ritual” Extravaganza Sees A Deluxe Issue

Whatever Nik Turner did – with HAWKWIND, solo or as part of multiple projects he used to be involved in – was rough, intrepid and interesting, yet there’s not a lot of visual documents of the veteran’s cosmic adventures. That’s why the “Space Ritual 1994” extravaganza that Nik endorsed for December 9th release before his passing earlier this month should seem rather exciting. Previously available on CD and VHS, the concert recording made at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on February 15th, 1994, is to see the light of day as 2CD/DVD package now.

With visuals including only selection of live performances, there are bonus footage to make up for the missing tracks, but the set – available for aural delights on Turner’s Bandcamp – featuring classic numbers and fresher cuts alike and delivered by a stellar ensemble where former Hawk Del Dettmar shares space with CHROME’s Helios Creed and Genesis P. Orridge honors “Armour For Everyday” with his presence is great in its own right. A must-have item for space-rock heads.

Space Ritual 1994

CD 1:
1. Ghost Dance
2. Watching The Grass Grow
3. D-Rider
4. Master Of The Universe
5. Sonic Attack
6. Thoth
7. King
8. God Rock
9. Slo-Blo
10. Serenade
11. Utopia 2000
12. Brainstorm

CD 2:
1. Ejection
2. The Awakening
3. The Right Stuff
4. Armour For Everyday
5. Nirbasion Annasion
6. You Shouldn’t Do That
7. T.V. As Eyes
8. Orgone Accumulator
9. Silver Machine

1. Ejection
2. D-Rider
3. Master Of The Universe
4. The Awakening
5. The Right Stuff
6. Armour For Everyday
7. Nirbasion Annasion
8. You Shouldn’t Do That
9. Thoth
10. Silver Machine
bonus material:
– Tour Diary: Behind-The-Scenes
– Featurette: 46 minutes

December 12, 2022

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