Nik Turner’s New Album: ex-Hawk Speaks Out

Nik TurnerSpace Odyssey is a very cosmic concept that’s perfectly in tune with the HAWKWIND modus operandi whose perfect dose of artful craziness is still being carried by Nik Turner. The reedsman’s latest "Space Gypsy" from 2013 was a great record which Nik is resolved to surpass now with the forthcoming – scheduled for a July release – “Space Fusion Odyssey.” Featuring a host of star guests, including the guitarists from THE DOORS and MEGADETH, this album, as Turner says, still doesn’t have a confirmed covert artwork and finalized tracklist, yet there’s a psychedelic video as a harbinger of things to come.

The video is set to a piece called “Hypernova” and we asked the veteran about this one.

Says Nik Turner:
“The track ‘Hypernova’ was a surprise to me, out of tracks which I recorded with Chris Poland of MEGADETH, Robbie Krieger from THE DOORS, Steve Hillage and Gilli Smyth of GONG, John Etheridge from SOFT MACHINE, John Weinzieri of AMON DÜÜL, Billy Cobham who played with Miles Davis on ‘Bitches Brew’ etcetera, and many more, I am very excited about it because it is a new departure for me, in a jazzy direction, which I find both exciting and stimulating. I have played a lot of jazz oriented stuff, am inspired by Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker amongst others, and find this music awesome, I think all music is Jazz Expressionism”.

Read the review here.

April 19, 2015

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