November 1, 2001


Not the long overdue full-blown solo work from George Harrison, ex-Beatle is releasing his first single since 1987 – but only in U.K. at the moment, on the former SQUEEZE keyboardist Jools Holland’s Small World, Big Friends label. The song titled “Horse to the Water” is written by George and his son Dhani, who played guitar on the 2000’s version of “My Sweet Lord” from the "All Things Must Pass" re-issue, and recorded by Harrison and Holland on October 1st at the former’s home.

Now Holland is a host to the popular BBC TV show, and managed to assemble an impressive lineup of guests to play on his CD that’s to be out on November 19th, among them are Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Sting and Mark Knopfler.


URIAH HEEP don’t stop their glorious race back to the top and have now the new album out, the first official anthology approved by the band themselves. Still, it’s not the real anthology, not a compilation of previously released songs, but a collection of material both old and new recorded by the current line-up – that’s why there’s no recording of Sloman and Goalby eras. The double-CD set features new remixes and alternate versions including the rehearsals for the Reviews8 sessions. The tracklisting runs like this:

CD One:

1. Gypsy
2. Come Away Melinda
3. Lady In Black
4. Bird Of Prey
5. Look At Yourself
6. July Morning
7. Easy Livin’
8. Traveller In Time
9. Sunrise
10. Blind Eye
11. Rain
12. Stealin’
13. Sweet Freedom

CD Two:

1. Wonderworld
2. The Easy Road
3. Return To Fantasy
4. Why Did You Go
5. Come Back To Me
6. More Fool You
7. Different World
8. Cross That Line
9. Time Of Revelation
10. Universal Wheels
11. Love In Silence
12. Between Two Worlds
13. Only The Young
14. The Golden Palace

Moreover, there are two HEEP DVDs in the pipeline, one with the band’s 1997’s show in Nottingham, the other being the legendary Moscow 1987’s concert.


New project by Lou Reed is called “POEtry” and, like its title suggests, is based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Reed wrote thirteen songs for the project as well as an overture and libretto – there will be a record out towards the end of 2001 – and a variety of ambient and textural music. Now Lou is busy producing the show with theater director and lighting designer Robert Wilson, whom he worked with earlier in 1996 on a hard rock odyssey “Time Rocker”. The play will be presented during BAM’s Next Wave Festival at the Howard Gilman Opera House.


Always busy Mr Tony Franklin reports on his latest activity, writing to DME: “I just got back to L.A. after a week with David Coverdale. I am helping him with his demos – playing bass (of course!), guitar, keyboards, and operating ProTools! It was a fun time and I’ll be doing some more with him over the next few weeks”. Teasing.


Glenn Hughes has a present for his fans. Available through his site for a free download is a version of “America The Beautiful” recorded in late 1999 for the WWF Smackdown show on the UPN television network.

Having finished the recording of the HUGHES-TURNER PROJECT album, The Voice Of Rock agreed now to sing a duet with former Malmsteen vocalist Jeff Scott Soto for the latter’s forthcoming solo album, “Humanimal”, to be out later in the year.


THE ROLLING STONES set to celebrate their upcoming 40th anniversary with a full-blown world tour, none details on which aren’t out at the moment.


The House of Blues has a show called Breakfast With The Beatles scheduled for December 1st, with profits going to the Rainbow Foundation, which provides financial assistance for children and families in crisis. There’s an impressive line-up of performers for the show promoted by Sam Leach, the original BEATLES promoter: Pete Best (THE BEATLES), Joey Molland (BADFINGER), Howard Casey (Paul McCartney), Kelly Keagy (NIGHT RANGER), Jim Peterik (SURVIVOR), Johnny Van Zant (LYNYRD SKYNYRD), Joe Vana (MECCA), Fergie Frederiksen (TOTO), Kevin Chalfant (TWO FIRES), Spencer Davis (SPENCER DAVIES GROUP), Terry Brock (THE SIGN), Randy Jackson (ZEBRA) and others.


Back to the large-scale work, Rick Wakeman is working currently on a new choral work for the English Chamber Choir, entitled “The Wizard (And The Forest Of All Dreams)”. It’s a surrealistic suite about the guardian of all dreams who releases special powers in those who believe: the power to fly, to re-invent childhood, to travel in time, and a sixth sense. The six pieces tell the discovery of the Forest of all Dreams, the four gifts, and the finale where the gifts are returned to the Wizard. Recording, to be made in a couple of weeks, is intended to be performed in stately homes in the UK next year with one to be filmed for release on DVD.


As it was reported beforeSteve Hackett has a live box set out. Now there’s a chance to get a hold on the brilliant 4CD collection through the artist’s Camino Recordsand be granted a bonus CD with one more show.

Newcastle City Hall – 26/10/79

Please Don’t Touch
Every Day
The Steppes
The Red Flower of Tai Chi
Sentimental Institution
Star Of Sirius
Spectral Mornings


Bonus tracks:

Hammersmith 30/10/78

Ace Of Wands
Hands Of The Priestess
Racing In A


November 17th is the release date for the highlights from the Concert for New York hosted by Paul McCartney at the Madison Square Garden on October 20th. There’s no tracklisting at the moment but that will be a 2CD set with proceeds to benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund to help lower-income New Yorkers affected by the attacks of September 11th as well as the families of firefighters, police officers and rescue workers who were injured or killed.

November 1, 2001

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