November 11, 2012


If there’s been some quiet on the Robin Trower front recently, it was because the former PROCOL HARUM guitarist got deep into working on his new album. The final tweaks, in his own words, made by now, “Roots And Branches” should come out in early 2013, and for that reason the bluesman will take to the road later in the year, probably next Fall.


Hot on the heels of  "Live Atmosphere", a document of  CURVED AIR‘s 2012 tour, comes a blast from their past. November 27th will see the release of “Airwaves – Live At The BBC Remastered / Live At The Paris Theatre”, a collection of the band’s concert tapes from not one but two eras, the classic 1970-71 period that was reflected on the CD before and their 1976 span with Stewart Copeland, shortly before his departure to form THE POLICE, on drums. A lot of rarely aired material makes it a must-have item.

1. It Happened Today
2. Propositions / What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up
3. Vivaldi
4. Young Mother In Style
5. Situations
6. Blind Man
7. Thinking On The Floor
8. Stretch
9. Stark Naked
10. Woman On A One Night Stand
11. Midnight Wire
12. Hot ‘N’ Bothered
13. The Fool


Another week, another project fpr Billy Sherwood, and also Rick Wakeman, his keyboard aide on a lot of latest projects. Now, the Caped Crusader and more heavy guests are to grace the grooves on the second album by DAYS BETWEEN STATIONS, a follow-up to their brilliant eponymous debut of a 5-year vintage. Way to go!

November 11, 2012

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