November 22, 2007


“Fuck off” instead of “Thank you”, Glenn Hughes seems to be saying to his European fans. If his first DVD, “Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels”, all the world found difficult to be watching due to the lighting and compression, there’s a new line with Hughes’ forthcoming “Live In Australia”. As DPAS informs, not only will the European release of this title be the single disc instead of DVD and CD package as in Oz, but also won’t have the extras: the footage from the July 2007 Rome concert, a “Music For The Divine” documentary and three promo videos from this, Glenn’s latest album.

Getting personal, this scribe does have Hughes’ acoustic programme from “The Basement”, which has been in circulation among the fans for some time, but, having supported Glenn for a long time, pre-ordered the official release. Now, money’s lost, and the next time the pirate P2P network will seem the best way to avoid getting ripped off by the artist and the label. Why stay faithful to the one who doesn’t care?


For years, there was almost none, not counting the one opened with their DVD release, but the forthcoming LED ZEPPELIN reunion is a reason good enough to launch the band’s official website at There’s much explore and visually enjoy there, especially in the “Discography” section. Worth paying a visit.


If John Wetton-less ASIA had some logic in the name, with Geoff Downes, the only original member in the line-up, ASIA featuring John Payne seems hilarious, what with the original ASIA functioning at the moment. But singing bassist Payne, drummer Jay Schellen and guitar maestro Guthrie Gowan are at it in real earnest and welcome on board a keyboard player, no other than Erik Norlander. He’s a real wiz but too academic in his approach, but as his latest album, “Hommage Symphonique”, shows, Erik can play in every other pianist’s manner, so he’ll be as fine replacement for Downes as it gets. Whether he’s as great a pop composer, we’ll see next year, when the band’s new record, “Architect Of Time”, is released.


“Abbots Langley” is a title of an album that Ollie Halsall recorded with his former PATTO colleague, John Halsey, back in 1980. To be precise, what’s going to be the album now, then were sessions for a new band that never came to be. Instead, Ollie joined Kevin Ayers’ band and stayed there until his untimely passing in 1992. Being rediscovered since then, Halsall’s archive brings up another gem.

1. Bum Love
2. Monkey On My Back
3. Marietta’s Pizzas #1
4. Don’t Understand
5. This One’s For Me
6. Marietta’s Pizzas #2
7. Seven Days
8. Time Is By My Side
9. We Want Out
10. Marietta’s Pizzas #3
11. Roll Around
bonus tracks:
12. Seven Days (alternative version)
13. We Want Out (instrumental version)
14. Run
15. Shame Shame

November 22, 2007

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