November 23 2011


Heaven-bound or not and ignoring the fact there was a band called SKY, former JOURNEY warbler Robert Fleischman – he didn’t make it onto any of their albums but co-penned three cuts on 1978’s “Infinity” including hit “Wheel In The Sky” – now has a group of his own, THE SKY. And now there’s an album ready to fly to let the singer let off steam after scoring various soundtracks such as the pilot episode of “Sponge Bob”. Here’s more serious stuff


Working separately at the moment, with the singer’s sights set on South America and the keyboardist’s on the Northern part of the continent, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman follow their last years joint effort, “The Living Tree”, with a document of their live trek, “The Living Tree In Concert. Part One”. Which is, obviously, should be followed later on by another disc. This one was laid down in the UK in 2010 and presents the highlights of the ex-YES-men shows and is a real treat for all the lovers of things celestial and hilarious. Expect the review here.

1. And You & I
2. Living Tree (Part 1)
3. Morning Star
4. Long Distance Runaround
5. The Garden
6. Living Tree (Part 2)
7. Time And A Word
8. Just One Man
9. 23/24/11
10. Southside Of The Sky
11. House Of Freedom
12. The Meeting


While their fans listened on, many rock aficionados crossed WISHBONE ASH off potential surprises list, and now
Andy Powell and his colleagues proved the infidels wrong. The veterans’ new album, “Elegant Stealth” – recorded in France as documented on the  "This Is Wishbone Ash" DVD – harks back to the early ’70s in both style and mood to set the ground for the next year’s 40th anniversary of “Argus”. The agenda is laid out in the opening track, “Reason To Believe”, the video for which can be watched here. A wonderful work – now read the review.

1. Reason To Believe
2. Warm Tears
3. Man With No Name
4. Can’t Go It Alone
5. Give It Up
6. Searching For Satellites
7. Heavy Weather
8. Mud-Slick
9. Big Issues
10. Migrant Worker
11. Invisible Thread
* Reason To Believe (dance remix)

Meamwhile, the band’s former axeman Ben Granfelt has asked his replacement Muddy Manninen and the stalwart Andy Powell to guest on a cut for his solo album….

November 23, 2011

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