November 4, 2006

While being friends with some great musicians, I have never pretended to be a part of any band I’ve been involved with as a journalist. So imagine my surprise when I was informed that my face is all over Moscow as a quasi member of NAZARETH! You see here the abusive picture of the Russian festival’s poster for which this photo has been stolen from this very site. Not only bloody Russians don’t know what the copyright is and that the use of anyone’s likeness is prohibited without the person’s consent, but they don’t know who’s in the bands they invite to play; note Ken Hensley‘s being billed as a URIAH HEEP member, and Glenn Hughes as an ex-DEEP PURPLE, while there’s no mention of BLACK SABBATH next to Tony Martin’s name. It’s hard to sue anyone in a country notorious for its unlawfulness but I’ll try to take what legal actions are possible, and have already written to NAZ to see what they think of it. Talk, then, about gratitude of what I’m trying to do for my readers… By the way, the guestbook is closed for good now: I’m sick and tired of cleaning it from the porn and other stupid ad that were being posted in spades each day.

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November 4, 2006

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