October 1, 2002


Frontiers Records have all the reason to be proud with their new web site just launched. The web haven for the great melodic rock label has been completely redesigned and has now a more attractive look and a special discussion forum for the fans. Still, some parts of the site will be completed in the course of a couple of weeks.


WISHBONE ASH always look forward and rarely allow a glance over their collective shoulder. Well, there were too many of those shoulders alongside Andy Powell‘s over the past three decades, but here they are, on the brilliant collection entitled simply “Tracks” comprising live tracks, rare versions of classic material and various surprises. This double CD-set available at the band’s site for only 14 GBP – a must, ain’t it? And a living proof of the ASH’s longevity.

Disc 1:

1. Tangible Evidence (1988)
2. Front Page News (1978)
3. Lifeline (1980)
4. Living Proof (1980)
5. Anger In Harmony (1978)
6. Queen Of Torture (1978)
7. Insomnia (1980)
8. Wings Of Desire (2001)
9. Ballad Of The Beacon (2001)
10. Strange Affair (2001)
11. Outward Bound (2001)
12. Warrior (1972)
13. Keeper Of The Light (1989)
14. Why Don’t We (1989)

Disc 2:

1. In The Skin (1988)
2. The King Will Come (1972)
3. Persephone (1976)
4. Standing In The Rain (1991)
5. Throw Down The Sword (1991)
6. Way Of The World (1978)
7. You See Red (1978)
8. Number The Brave (1981)
9. Everybody Needs A Friend (1981)
10. Master Of Disguise (1999)
11. The Ring (1998)
12. No More Lonely Nights (1983)


More WISHBONE ASH archive material comes from N-M-C Music. Called “Heritage” the 3CD-set takes in two ASH albums, “Psychic Terrorism” and “Trance Visionary”, both long out of print. The albums saw the double-axe veterans experimenting with trance and techno textures and were met with lukewarm feelings. Now is the time to re-assess them: so the first two discs of the set contain the original albums, while disc three has never before released mixes and the film “Wonderful Stash”. Sleeve notes contain exclusive interview with Andy Powell regarding these recordings.

CD 1:

1. Numerology
2. Wonderful Stash
3. Heritage
4. Interfaze
5. Powerbright (Black & White Screen)
6. Remnants Of A Paranormal Menagerie
7. Narcissus Visionary
8. Trance Visionary
9. Flutterby
10. Banner Headlines
11. The Loner
12. Powerbright Violation
14. Wronged By Righteousness
15. Heritage (remix)
16. Powerbright
17. Pub-Visionary
18. Wronged By Righteousness (remix)

CD 2:

1. Transliteration
2. Narcissus Stash
3. Sleeps Eternal Slave
4. Monochrome
5. Breaking Out
6. The Son Of Righteousness
7. Psychic Terrorism
8. How Many Times?
9. Bloodline
10. Back Page Muse
11. Powerbright Conclusion
12. Powerchrome
13. X-Erted
14. Powerchrome Industrial
15. Wonderful Nervosa
16. Powerthrack
17.Wrong Or Write?
18.Wonderful Stash

Another relics-filled item from N-M-ׁ is “Re-Works” by none other than EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER. The 3CD-set features rehashed versions of the ELP classics given a 21st century flavour and a booklet with exclusive Keith Emerson interview discussing this album.

CD 1:

1. Re-Works One (Fanfare 2002 Golden Jubilation mix)

2. Re-Works Two
3. Re-Works Three
4. Re-Works Four
5. Re-Works Five
6. Re-Works Six
7. Re-Works Seven
8. Re-Works Eight

CD 2:

1. Re-Works One (extended Jubilation mix)

2. Humanoid
3. Inside Out
4. Plastic Flowers
5. Palmstone

CD 3: Fanfare 2002 Remix Album

1. Digger’s Mix (by Digger)

2. Earth Loop Mix (by Clive Mead)
3. Public Order Mix (by Simon Guilfoyle) 
4. The Pilgrim Mix (by Graham Pilgrim) 
5. X-Ert’s Esoteria Mix (by Mike Bennett)


With PINK FLOYD existence hanging in limbo, David Gilmour decided to give his fans some fun with a live DVD of his own that’s due out on October 7th in Europe and only on November 5th the other side of the Atlantic. Filmed at the Meltdown Festival concert at London’s Royal Festival Hall in June 2001, the performance features among others David’s FLOYD bandmate Rick Wright as well as Robert Wyatt, Bob Geldof and a gospel choir led by Sam Brown. The rehearsal with the choir and choral version of “High Hopes” make two of the DVD extras, with other being lyrics for all the songs performed, guitar solos with focus on David’s fingers, and bonus songs: “Don’t”, “I Put A Spell On You” and “Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18”.

1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5
2. Terrapin
3. Fat Old Sun
4. Coming Back To Life
5. High Hopes
6. Je Crois Entendre Encore
7. Smile
8. Wish You Were Here
9. Comfortably Numb
10. Dimming Of The Day
11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 6-8
12. A Great Day For Freedom
13. Hushabye Mountain
14. Dominoes
15. Breakthrough
16. Comfortably Numb


The last touring bout of Eric Clapton‘s proved a success, so the Slowhand doesn’t miss a chance to present a live document to those who didn’t chance to be where E. C. was. Called “One More Car, One More Rider” – an allusion of the guitarist’s “Riding With The King” collaboration with B. B. King – the double-CD set is out on November 5th.

Disc 1:

1. Key To The Highway
2. Reptile
3. Got You On My Mind
4. Tears In Heaven
5. Bell Bottom Blues
6. Change The World
7. My Father’s Eyes
8. River Of Tears
9. Going Down Slow
10. She’s Gone

Disc 2:

1. I Want A Little Girl
2. Badge
3. Hoochie Coochie Man
4. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
5. Cocaine
6. Wonderful Tonight
7. Layla
8. Sunshine Of Your Love
9. Over The Rainbow


Another great artist with a live album out is Paul McCartney who documented his 2002’s tour on the double one with highly original title “Back In The U.S.”. Released on November 26th, it’ll feature the greatest hits, the latest hits and poignant dedications to Paul’s late friends, John Lennon (“Here Today”) and George Harrison (“Something”). A bit later, a DVD should be released under the same title.

Disc 1:

1. Hello Goodbye
2. Jet
3. All My Loving
4. Getting Better
5. Coming Up
6. Let Me Roll It
7. Lonely Road
8. Driving Rain
9. Your Loving Flame
10. Blackbird
11. Every Night
12. We Can Work It Out
13. Mother Nature’s Son
14. Vanilla Sky
15. Carry That Weight
16. The Fool On The Hill
17. Here Today
18. Something

Disc 2:

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Here, There And Everywhere
3. Band On The Run
4. Back In The USSR
5. Maybe I’m Amazed
6. C Moon
7. My Love
8. Can’t Buy Me Love
9. Freedom
10. Live And Let Die
11. Let It Be
12. Hey Jude
13. The Long And Winding Road
14. Lady Madonna
15. I Saw Her Standing There
16. Yesterday
17. Sgt. Pepper / The End


Those lucky owner’s of URIAH HEEP "Sailing The Sea Of Light"” CD / DVD / book set are familiar with the work that famous rock journalist Dave Ling has done. Still, included in the set was only a part of the book tracking down the band’s long and glorious ride, and if the fans were happy to read the chapter dedicated to the HEEP’s current line-up, they’ll surely go ecstatic with “Wizards And Demons”, the first ever official history of the band – given full cooperation from the artists themselves.

October 1, 2002

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