October 1, 2008


That’s quite a tendency. YES, as it was reported before, are going to tour without their original vocalist, Jon Anderson, who’s fallen ill. Jon feels all too bitter about it. In his words, he’s “disappointed and very disrespected”, as it was only the band’s drummer, Alan White, who’s once been in touch with the singer since he’d opted out. Anderson stresses that “this is not YES on tour”, and quite rightly so, especially with someone from a tribute band taking his place. It’s not like Oliver Wakeman stepping in his father’s shoes.

Meanwhile, the similar story goes around LED ZEPPELIN. While Robert Plant is happily pursuing his country success with Alison Krauss, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham are said to have convened for rehearsals and found such a great pleasure in writing new material that, as the grapevine has it, send the singer the ultimatum: either he joins the band for a tour following their December 2007’s reunion – by the way, where’s the DVD, fellas? delayed until the tour, eh? – or they’ll take to the road with another warbler. Despite the rumors of agreement, Percy said he’d not be in it at the moment. Will the three go on without him? They might. Although it’d be too unfair and, again, disrespectful, as when Page and Plant toured together, they didn’t call themselves LED ZEP, and the presence of Bonham Jr. won’t justify it.


Violin-led heavy rock band? There is one! And, of course, it’s David Cross who’s in charge. Former KING CRIMSON classicist has released a string of highly successful albums over the years, the most fab of these being 1997’s “Exiles” and 2005’s “Closer Than Skin”, and it’s the cream of them, plus some old smashes, that DAVID CROSS BAND bring on on “Alive In The Underworld”, recorded on-stage back in 2006. One hell of a set, and one hell of a band. Come down, then.

1. Out Of The Darkness
2. Nurse Insane
3. Learning Curve
4. Are We One?
5. Exiles
6. Tonk
7. I Buy Silence
8. Starless
9. Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man
10. Floodlights


It can be for real, THE KINKS‘ reunion. At least, Ray Davies says so, yet all depends on his brother Dave’s well-being, as the stroke’s consequences are still felt. But what’s for sure is that on December 1st, “Picture Book”, a 6 CD box set is out, compiled by Ray and containing 137 tracks and 60-page booklet. A third of the recordings are previously unreleased – at least on CD: there are demos, mono versions, alternate mixes as well as tracks laid down for TV, radio and live, some going back to the pre-KINKS times. Details on the tracks will follow, so it doesn’t make sense now to post a full listing.

October 1, 2008

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