October 13, 2003


Here’s what THE ROLLING STONES‘ fans have been waiting for since it became clear that the band’s last tour, that’s just over, see them play a different set in different venues, sometimes doing all but one song different from the previous day’s show. The excitement rose more and more, as Jagger and Co dusted off many tunes rarely – or never at all – delivered live before. So maybe not everything but over 5 hours of music will be out on a 4 DVD-set called “Four Flicks”, the title referring to the number of discs as well as THE STONES’ recent greatest hits collection, "Forty Licks".

50 odd tracks including gems like “Rock Me Baby” and “Monkey Man” – recorded at Paris’ Olympia Theatre, New York’s Madison Square Garden and London’s Twickenham Stadium, all exteremely different places in size – comprise three DVDs, while the fourth one contains two exclusive behind the scenes documentaries, “Tip of the Tongue” and “Licks Around the World”. The first movie documents the conception and preparations for the tour, and the second captures the ensemble on the road.

The special features are aplenty thereon: among them bootleg tracks “Beast Of Burden”, “Bitch”, “You Don’t Have To Mean It”, inside commentary and the “Backstage Pass” bonus allowing the viewer to see what’s going on behind the scenes during a song and then get back on-stage. A treat, no doubt – especially when the set can be obtained exclusively from Best Buy for mere $29.99.

January 18th, 2003 – MSG

1. Street Fighting Man
2. If You Can’t Rock Me
3. Don’t Stop
4. Monkey Man
5. Angie
6. Let It Bleed
7. Midnight Rambler
8. Thru And Thru
9. Happy
10. You Got Me Rockin’
11. Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’
12. Honky Tonk Woman
13. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
14. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
15. When The Whip Comes Down
16. Brown Sugar
17. Sympathy For The Devil

August 24th – Twickenham

1. Brown Sugar
2. You Got Me Rockin’
3. Rocks Off
4. Wild Horses
5. Can’t Always Get What You Want
6. Paint It Black
7. Tumblin’ Dice
8. Slipping Away
9. Sympathy For The Devil
10. Starfucker
11. I Just Want To Make Love To You
12. Street Fighting Man
13. Gimme Shelter
14. Honky Tonk Woman
15. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
16. Jumping Jack Flash

July 11th – Olympia

1. Start Me Up
2. Live With Me
3. Neighbours
4. Hand Of Fate
5. No Expectations
6. Worried About You
7. Doo Doo Heartbreaker
8. Stray Cat Blues
9. Dance Part 1
10. Everybody Needs Someone To Love
11. That’s How Strong My Love Is
12. Going To A Go Go
13. The Nearness Of You
14. Before They Make Me Run
15. Love Train
16. Respectable
17. Honky Tonk Woman
18. Brown Sugar
19. Jumping Jack Flash

The Bootlegs

Paris Studio:
1. Well Well
2. Extreme Western Grip
Circus Krone Theatre:
1. Can’t Turn You Lose
1. Saint Of Me
2. Miss You
Wiltern Theatre:
1. Beast Of Burden
2. You Don’t Have To Mean It
3. Rock Me Baby
4. Bitch


Relocating to Spain has left a good mark on Ken Hensley, who’s been exploring the gypsy motif for two albums in a row, the second, “The Last Dance”, to be released soon. Well, it’s already released in Russia, where the artwork and the running order is different from what the Western fans will see, and as a limited edition which can be purchased through the veteran’s own site. A title track is said to rank amongst the best songs Ken’s ever done. Let’s hope the rest is on the level too.

1. The Last Dance
2. Crying
3. Letting Go
4. I Know Who You Are
5. Who Knows
6. Give Me A Reason
7. The Voice Of Love
8. Give’ Em What You Want
9. Second Chance (A New Beginning)
10. Dancing
11. Did You Know
12. The Last Dance (El Gitano Viejo)
Bonus tracks for Russia:
Lady In Black (extended remix)
Lady In Black (original ’03 remix)
Lady In Black (chill TLoop remix)


YES‘ Full Circle Tour just had to be preserved for posterity, as it brought the band into the new millenium with a classic line-up of Chris SquireJon Anderson, Steve Howe, Alan White and Rick Wakeman – not mentioning the fact that 2003 marks the 35th anniversary since the group inception. Which means, there are many reasons for “YesSpeak”, a double DVD that will be released in Europe on November 24th and in the US next January. Sure, there will be music – details on this are still to be revealed – yet the main thing here will be the stories and observations from the five. Boring it won’t be for certain, Wakey’s anecdotes will compensate everything.

Part One: Sacred Ground
Part Two: Full Circle
Part Three: There’ll Always be a Yes
Part Four: Spotlight on Chris
Part Five: Spotlight on Jon
Part Six: Spotlight on Steve
Part Seven: Spotlight on Alan
Part Eight: Spotlight on Rick
Part Nine: On the Road
Part Ten: Yes Music
Making of the movie – documentary
Audio only feature – 150 min set


“Raw Power” was the last albums by THE STOOGES, and it took no less than three decades for Iggy Pop to record again with the Asheton brothers, bassist Ron and drummer Scott. But it’s better late than never, so Ig’s new album, “Skull Ring”, sees the old friends perform together on four tracks. And it’s not the only collaboration on the LP – in fact, there’s only one song that Pop does solo. If you think new punks are scary though fake a bit, then imagine how intimidated the likes of SUM 41 must have been when working with the Iguana. But he’s great, Geez!

1. Little Electric Chair
2. Perverts In The Sun
3. Skull Ring
4. Superbabe
5. Loser
6. Private Hell
7. Little Know It All
8. Whatever
9. Dead Rock Star
10. Rock Show
11. Here Comes The Summer
12. Motor Inn
13. Inferiority Complex
14. Supermarket
15. Til Wrong Feels Right
16. Blood On My Cool

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 9 – with THE STOOGES
Tracks 2, 4, 8, 11, 13, 16 – with THE TROLLS
Tracks 6, 14 – with GREEN DAY
Track 7 – with SUM 41
Track 10 – with PEACHES
Track 12 – with FEEDOM feat. PEACHES
Track 15 – Iggy solo

October 13, 2003

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