October 17, 2004


More news on the mentioned below Ozzy Osbourne‘s covers albums: it’s said to be a part of the 4CD-box set, due out in February 2005, and alongside MOUNTAIN’s “Mississippi Queen” will feature THE ROLLING STONES’ “Sympathy For The Devil” – that’s the choise for the Black master, – THE BEATLES’ “In My Life”, KING CRIMSON’s “21st Century Schizoid Man” and Arthur Brown’s “Fire”. More details to come – on the box as well as on the CD.

October 15, 2004


Over the years, Ozzy Osbourne hasn’t recorded too many covers – one that immediately springs to mind is Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” – but now, Oz decided, is the time to indulge in it, and set off doing an album tentatively called “Songs I Wish I Wrote”. One may only wonder how many there will be classics by THE BEATLES, the singer’s favorite band, yet one cut is already notched, the MOUNTAIN’s “Mississippi Queen” – which must be very good, as the track features its author, original guitarist / singer Leslie West.


On November 5th and 6th, London’s Shepherd Bush will host the fifth annual festival event centered around ever-vivacious URIAH HEEP. Unfortunately, MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND won’t be able to share the bill, and the chance to see Manfred behind the Moog reproducing his original part on “July Morning” becomes a distant perspective again. The replacement is good, though: Doogie White‘s WHITE NOISE who’ll add some PURPLE and RAINBOW music to the proceedings. With the main attraction holding some surprises as usual, the Heepsters are to meet some former band members, namely drummer Keith Baker, original bassist Paul Newton and the main songswith in the ’70s, Ken Hensley.

As for Ken Hensley, the meister arranges an event inside the event, reading excerpts from his forthcoming book, performing live and playing cuts from soon-to-be-released “Anthology – Volume 1” CD, the initial part of the ambitious project which sees Ken re-recording highlights of his back catalogue. This album was recorded in Moscow, and the tracks marked with * feature Russia’s Presidential Symphony Orchestra.

1. The Wizard *
2. Illusion
3. Circle Of Hands
4. Rain *
5. Weep In Silence
6. Feelings
7. Sweet Freedom
8. Lady In Black *
9. Free Me *
10. July Morning *
11. Stealin’
12. Easy Livin’

As a coincidence, these days two more URIAH HEEP re-issues are being released, the last two of the Hensley era. Both are newly remastered and feature very attractive bonus material, many tracks making their debut on there, and here it is:
”Fallen Angel”
– A Right To Live (promo B-side)
– Cheater (single)
– Gimme Love (B-side)
– Last Farewell (“One More Night” alt. version, unreleased)
– Street Lady (‘Woman Of The Night” alt. version, unreleased)
– Struttin’ (“Gimme Love” alt. version, unreleased)
– Falling In Love (live, unreleased)
– Woman Of The Night (live, unreleased)
– Love Stealer (single)
– Been Hurt ( B-side)
– Think It Over (single)
– Lying (out-take, unreleased)
– No Reason (out-take, unreleased)
– Lost (out-take, unreleased)
– Feelings (live, unreleased)


To what extent KING CRIMSON is visually delightful depends one one’s demands, yet compelling the band have always been. And, perhaps, ever more so in the early ’80s than before or after, because the quartet of Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Bill Bruford posessed pop tunefulness applied to the usually wild dynamics and aligned to a certain musical discipline. In order to compare different line-ups, there’s a chance to invest into a new career-spanning 8CD-box “21st Century Guide To King Crimson”, the first part of which is out, but it features just a pinch of previously unreleased material; what matters for fans, then, is a DVD called ”Neal And Jack And Me”, a visual document of the mentioned foursome caught live in their prime in 1982 as well as on the verge of the ensemble’s breakup in 1984. Something to lay the hands on, for sure

Three Of A Perfect Pair –
Live in Japan, 1984

1. Three Of A Perfect Pair
2. No Warning
3. Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt. 3
4. Thela Hun Ginjeet
5. Frame By Frame
6. Matte Kudasai
7. Industry
8. Dig Me
9. Indiscipline
10. Satori In Tangier
11. Man With An Open Heart
12. Waiting Man
13. Sleepless
14. Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt. 2
15. Elephant Talk
16. Heartbeat
The Noise –
Live in Frejus, 1982

17. Waiting Man
18. Matte Kudasai
19. Sheltering Sky
20. Neal And Jack And Me
21. Indiscipline
22. Heartbeat
23. Larks Tongues In Aspic Pt. 2
“Sleepless” video
Tony’s Road Photos


There’s a new entity launched, called YesServices, which is quite self-explaining: yes, it deals with YES and the band’s paraphernalia. But no, it seems to have nothing to do with an official bootlegs series promised some time ago and since unheard of. Instead, it has something other to offer, an exclusive edition of an archival recording that runs back to the days when YES didn’t exist – there was such a time, in the ’60s. The recording comes from THE SYN, the group featuring young Chris Squire, still to become a squire of the bass.

Not to be confused with THE SYNDICATS who had Steve Howe in the ranks, THE SYN might feel proud of writing “The Gangster Opera”, a rock opera recorded before THE WHO grasped the concept and at the same time as PRETTY THINGS did, and the opus is there, on “Original Syn” alongside THE SYN’s grandiose take on YES’ “Time And A Word”. The special packaging includes a 20-page booklet telling the band’s history, and a bonus CD with Squire’s extensive interview where Chris answers questions submitted by the fans.


What with Yusuf Islam’s recent scandal of not being allowed an entry in the USA on the grounds of possible links with terrorism, the music of Cat Stevens still has wonderful ring to it. Having converted to Islam, the singer did his last tour in 1976, in America, and left the scene to pursue his religious concerns, but many still miss him. So there’s an opportunity to remember how it was in the last days of Cat the musician: following the DVD of the same title, out is the ”Majikat” CD recorded on that last trek:

1. Wild World
2. The Wind
3. Moonshadow
4. Where Do The Children Play
5. Another Saturday Night
6. Hard Headed Women
7. King Of Trees
8. C79
9. Lady D’Arbanville
10. Banapple Gas
11. Majik Of Majiks
12. Tuesday’s Dead
13. Oh Very Young
14. How Can I Tell You
15. The Hurt
16. Sad Lisa
17. Two Fine People
18. Fill My Eyes
19. Father & Son
20. Peace Train


Always eager to spare no expense in order to deliver the best in terms of production, IRON MAIDEN embark on a new venture. The double DVD “The History Of Iron Maiden – Part 1: The Early Days”, out on November 8th, is the first chapter in a whole series of DVDs plunging into different periods of the band’s career and gathering re-mastered footage as well as rare and previously unseen visuals from the players’ own archives. The next in series will be the “Live After Death” that picks up a story from the famous Long Beach Arena in 1984 and takes it to the Somewhere in Time tour in 1987.

And live after death the first chapter is to be indeed, as the MAIDEN are going to bring the “Early Days” back to life by adopting their stage scenery to that of their beginnings and performing some old songs. Viva la metal Diva!

The Early Years – documentary
20th Century Box – Heavy Metal documentary
Live At The Rainbow, 1981
1. Ides Of March
2. Wrathchild
3. Killers
4. Remember Tomorrow
5. Transylvania
6. Phantom Of The Opera
7. Iron Maiden Live At Hammersmith 1982
8. Murders in The Rue Morgue
9. Run to The Hills
10. Children Of The Damned
11. Number Of The Beast
12. 22 Acacia Avenue
13. Total Eclipse
14. The Prisoner
15. Hallowed Be Thy Name
16. Iron Maiden
Live at Dortmund, 1983
1. Sanctuary
2. The Trooper
3. Revelations
4. Flight Of Icarus
5. 22 Acacia Avenue
6. Number Of The Beast
7. Run To The Hills Live at The Ruskin Arms – 1980
8. Sanctuary
9. Wrathchild
10. Prowler
11. Remember Tomorrow
12. Running Free
13. Transylvania
14. Another Life
15. Phantom Of The Opera
16. Charlotte The Harlot
Running Free (Top Of The Pops)
Women In Uniform (Top Of The Pops)
Running Free (German TV)
Promo videos:
– Women In Uniform
– Run To The Hills
– Number Of The Beast
– Flight Of Icarus
– The Trooper
Photo gallery (over 150 images)
Full tour listings
Tour programmes
Artwork galleries
Hidden features


No rest for the Steve Hackett fans: only recently having grabbed a couple of live albums, the last being “Live Archive 04”, they’re facing a treat of having a DVD version of it. ”Once Above A Time – Live In Europe 2004”, to be issued on November 22nd, presents a show recorded in Budapest in April, the final show of the European tour in support of  ”"Somewhere In South America"”album. Now, there’s a real matter of choice, as Steve’s two previous DVDs, DVD Reviews2 and "Hungarian Horizons", mirrored in CDs, could be purchased with those CDs as special packages. This time it’s not so. Anyway, what’s remarkable is that the new DVD is the second one commited to tape in Hungary, so the “Backstage In Budapest” documentary adds to the impression.

1. Valley Of The Kings
2. Mechanical Bride
3. The Circus Of Becoming
4. Frozen Statues
5. Slogans
6. Serpentine Song
7. Ace Of Wands
8. Hammer In The Sand
9. Blood On The Rooftops
10. Fly On A Windshield
11. Please Don’t Touch
12. Firth Of Fifth
13. If You Can’t Find Heaven
14. Darktown
15. Brand New
16. Air-Conditioned Nightmare
17. Every Day
18. Clocks
19. Spectral Mornings
20. Los Endos

October 17, 2004

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