October 19, 2000


The new CD from Jungle Records called “Jimi Hendrix With Curtis Knight & the Squires – ‘Knock Yourself Out'” contains archive r&b studio sessions from 1965.

By September 1965, Jimi had completed stints as guitar-for-hire with THE ISLEY BROTHERS, Little Richard and others. His next was with Curtis Knight, who gave the broke guitarist a guitar as a welcome incentive to play in his band, THE SQUIRES. Jimi remained with Curtis’s band for nine months, until just before Chas Chandler discovered him.

Contained on this album are the two studio sessions that took place in October and December 1965. They spawned two singles, included here as the first four tracks. The band’s fare of mid-sixties r&b, in a style with Stax and 60’s pop leanings, has Jimi’s guitar very much to the fore.

This is the first time these 1965 studio tracks have been put together – previous exploitative releases have mixed them up with later recordings including many tracks where Jimi only played bass.

October 19, 2000

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