October 2, 2000


Two years after the release of GENESIS “Archive 1967-1975” comes “Archive 2 1976-1992”. Concentrating on the Collins era where the band turned from a big selling UK act to world dominance.

The new boxset that includes rarities, b-sides, 12″ mixes and some great live tracks will be released November 6th.


1. On the Shoreline
2. Heart on Fire
3. You Might Recall
4. Mr. Music Head – 1989
5. Paperlate
6. Evidence of Autumn
7. Do the Neurotic
8. I’d Rather Be You
9. Naminanu
10. Inside and Out
11. Feeding the Fire
12. I Can’t Dance 12″
13. Submarine


1. Illegal Alien (live)
2. Dreaming While You Sleep (live)
3. It’s Gonna Get Better (live)
4. Deep in the Motherlode (live)
5. Ripples (live)
6. The Brazilian (live)
7. Your Own Special Way (live)
8. Burning Rope (live)
9. Entangled (live)
10. Duke’s Travels (live)


1. Invisible Touch 12″
2. Land of Confusion 12″
3. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 12″
4. No Reply at All (live)
5. Man on the Corner (live)
6. The Lady Lies (live)
7. Open Door
8. The Day the Light Went Out
9. Vancouver
10. Pigeons
11. It’s Yourself
12. Mama (work in progress)


The box set spans the period from 1976 to the departure of Phil Collins. Packaged in a long box, the 64 page booklet contains previously unseen photos a foreward by Tony Banks and essay by Hugh Fielder. Much of the music has never been released on CD, including a work-in-progress version of ‘Mama’.

October 2, 2000

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