October 25, 2007


The last configuration of BAD COMPANY, the one that put out the “Merchants Of Cool” DVD and CD, might as well have been called FREE, as there were only two original members, Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke. Yet it was considered too sacrilegious to call it that without the late Paul Kossoff in the line-up. But as there FREE without Koss, there were BAD CO without Paul Rodgers, which means a band XCOM have all the rights to position themselves as the real BAD COMPANY. Led by that group’s founding member, Mick Ralphs, there are singer Robert Hart, Dave Colwell on the second guitar and Jaz Lochrie on bass, all having played with BAD CO before, two latter in that last touring line-up, plus drummer Harry James, formerly with THUNDER. The quintet don’t talk about new recordings but they’re readying up to go on the road.


If there are great crazes, the latest, which is releasing new records as a giveaway with a popular publication is a top-notch idea. The label-busting club includes now not only modernists such as Prince and Madonna but also a reverend Kink, Ray Davies. His “Working Man’s Cafe” was covermounted with “The Sunday Times” on October 21st in the UK before going on sale on October 29th. What’s the sense of selling what can be obtained for free? There’s a catch: the retail version will have 12 tracks instead of 10 going with the paper.

Recorded in Nashville and mixed at London’s Konk Studios, the album is, says Davies, “about reaching as many people as possible”. Ray will celebrate the release with a one-off concert at the London’s “Roundhouse” on October 28th.

1. Vietnam Cowboys
2. You’re Asking Me
3. Working Man’s Cafe
4. Morphine Song
5. In A Moment
6. Peace In Our Time
7. No One Listen
8. Imaginary Man
9. One More Time
10. The Voodoo Walk
11. Hymn for a New Age
12. The Real World


Those who think Jack Bruce has kept a low profile after the 2005’s CREAM reunion are to be proved wrong quite soon, as the veteran follows up his latest studio album, "More Jack Than God", with not one but two records. The first features THE HR BIG BAND with whom the singing bassist performs old and new songs arranged for the Hessische Rundfunk orchestra, while the second will make the blues aficionados’ hearts go boom, as “Seven Moons” is Bruce’s first colaboration with Robin Trower since 1981. Rouding off this trio is the meister sticksman, Gary Husband. Oh well! The stars are in our eyes…


Whatever one may think of progressive rock, CAMEL have never tread the desert for mere bombast, especially in the original line-up of Andrew Latimer,Peter Bardens, Doug Ferguson and Andy Ward who were too busy playing to be showing off. A fantastic testament to this is a new DVD, “Moondances – Live In Concert” released on October 13th. The main feature thereon is the long-lost 1976 performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, shot during the UK leg of the “Moonmadness” tour. Found in 2006 the tapes gain additional value when combined with another London’s show, from 1977, at the Hippodrome, with Richard Sinclair and Mel Collins completing the sans-Ferguson band. Yet there’s more to the disc which includes also two audio tracks, “Autumn” from 1974 and “Riverman” from the following year. If there’s a complete package for the lovers of great music, that’s the one.

Odeon, April 14th, 1976
1. White Rider
2. Lunar Sea
3. Preparation
4. Dunkirk
5. Another Night
6. Lady Fantasy
Hippodrome, September 22nd, 1977
1. First Light
2. Metrognome
3. Unevensong
4. Rhayader
5. Rhayader Goes To Town
6. Skylines
7. Highways Of The Sun
8. Lunar Sea
9. Rain Dances
10. Never Let Go
11. One Of These Days I’ll Get An Early Night


For many years THIN LIZZY fans felt there was something missing from the “Live And Dangerous” video, as the 1978 concerts had longer set lists. But, it seems, there’s no footage left to expand on that. That’s why the deluxe DVD edition of the Rainbow-staged programme, out on September 30th in hard slipcase with 24 page booklet, includes one more show, from 1977, and a smattering of the band’s “Top Of The Pops” performances. Plus, there are interviews with Phil Lynott’s sidekicks – LIZZY mainstay drummer Brian Downey and the twin-guitar combo of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson – and a CD with 1975’s concert. Something to have and admire.


1. Intro / Rosalie
2. The Boys Are Back In Town
3. Emerald
4. Dancing In The Moonlight
5. Massacre
6. Still In Love With You
7. Don’t Believe A Word
8. Are You Ready
9. Sha La La
10. Baby Drives Me Crazy
11. Me And The Boys

Bonus Footage:

Sight & Sound In Concert – 26.1.1983
1. Jailbreak
2. This Is The One
3. Cold Sweat
4. The Sun Goes Down
5. Holy War
6. The Boys Are Back In Town
7. Rosalie
8. Baby Please Don’t Go
Top Of The Pops:
1. Whiskey In The Jar
2. Jailbreak
3. Dancing In The Moonlight
4. Waiting For An Alibi
5. Don’t Believe A Word

CD – Live Derby 1975:

1. Fighting My Way Back
2. Wild One
3. Still In Love With You
4. Suicide
5. Sha La La
6. Baby Drives Me Crazy
7. Me And The Boys
8. Cowboy Song (Derby Blues)

October 25, 2007

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