October 3, 2002


Yes, the news may be sad yet not unexpected: RENAISSANCE are no more!

The band’s brilliant singer, Annie Haslam, posted a letter to all the fans, that, in particlular, says the following:

“There have been many wonderful times since the beginning when I joined the band in the ’70s and these experiences will last for ever. The music business has changed drastically and seems to be on a downward spiral. It is now time to close another chapter in the history of the band, and it has been a hard decision to make. We were very unique and were to receive many accolades for the music we created. Looking back we really wrote some wonderful music and that body of work will be heard for years to come, thanks to modern technology. The future for everyone is more precious than ever, but more important is living in the moment, that is why we made this decision, a very difficult one.”

Praising the last album, "Tuscany", Annie points out that she and her former colleagues are still making music: Michael Dunford is immersed in producing his musical“Scheherazade”, Terry Sullivan has a solo CD “‘South of Winter” out soon, and Ms Haslam herself plans redesigning her website to accommodate new works.


Finally, the content of forthcoming George Harrison album, “Brainwashed”, out on November 19th, is revealed. Produced by George, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison, the album features new songs – although some are said to be out-takes from the ’80s sessions – and a cover of the standard “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”.

Alongside Harrisons, father and son, and Lynne, the album features legendary drummers Jim Keltner and Ray Cooper, keyboard players Mike Moran and Marc Mann, ex-DEEP PURPLE organist Jon Lord and Sam Brown on the title track, and Jools Holland’s orchestra on “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”.

The music must be top-notch, while the artwork looks shoddy.

1. Any Road
2. Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)
3. Pisces Fish
4. Looking For My Life
5. Rising Sun
6. Marwa Blues
7. Stuck Inside A Cloud
8. Run So Far
9. Never Get Over You
10. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
11. Rocking Chair In Hawaii
12. Brainwashed

October 3, 2002

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