October 30, 2002


For many, Irish rock means THE CRANBERRIES, Sinead O’Connor or someone else of a modern breed. The Emerald Isle, though, has long been a playground for great musicians, and some are celebrated now with the Irish Rock Legends stamp collection, released on October 24th. Each of four square stamps is given to great late Phil Lynott and Rory Gallagher and still more than active heavyweights Van Morrison and U2. The fans and philatelists alike have the privilege to buy the stamps in several presentation formats such as miniature sheet (both for each artist and for all four), First Day cover miniature sheet with the cancellation mark over it, A4 size slipcases containing miniature sheets and First Day covers, and First Day Cover with the set of four stamps bearing the same Irish Rock Legends cancellation mark.


One of the first songs the DEEP PURPLE Mk 2 came up with was “Kneel & Pray” which, in time for “In Rock” recording, evolved into “Speed King”. And now “Kneel & Pray” makes the band discography as the title of a new “The Bootleg Series 1968-76” item. Recorded at the Montreux Casino, the venue later immortalised in “Smoke On The Water”, on October 4th, 1969, it’s the only tape known of the line-up playing “Kentucky Woman”. The double-CD set is scheduled for release on Purple Records in late November – early December.

1. Speed King (Kneel & Pray)
2. Hush
3. Child In Time
4. Wring That Neck
5. Paint It Black
6. Mandrake Root
7. Kentucky Woman


The Angel Air label is famous for bringing out rock treasures that had fans salivating for years and currently there’s three more in the can ready for January release.

The first is “Rarities 1975-77” from IAN GILLAN BAND, culled from the guitarist Ray Fenwick’s own archives and comprising more than one hour of alternative versions and previously unreleased material – featuring Ian’s mate Roger Glover on four tracks.

1. Finally The Finale (unreleased)
2. My Baby Loves Me
3. Down The Road
4. You Make Me Feel So Good
5. Country Lights (backing track)
6. Child In Time
7. Scarabus (backing track)
8. Smoke On The Water (live)
9. Let It Slide
10. Reaching Out (unreleased)
11. Twin Exhausted
12. Fool’s Mate (unreleased)
13. Vindaloo (unreleased)
14. You Get What You Ask For (unreleased)
15. Raped By Aliens (unreleased)

Next is AFFINITY‘s “Live Instrumentals 1969” recorded by bassist Mo Foster, guitarist Mike Jopp, organist Lynton Naiff and drummer Grant Serpell at Ronnie Scott’s Club in absence of the band’s singer Linda Hoyle who had an operation on her vocal chords then. Taking in four tracks taped for a radio broadcast and one credited to THE UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX JAZZ TRIO, an AFFINITY precursor, this CD is a wonderful prequel to the ensemble’s debut album issued in 1970.

1. Jive Samba
2. Dis Here
3. Comin’ Home Baby
4. Out Of The Storm
5. Fever
6. 13 Death March
7. All Blues
8. 81
9. A Day In The Life
bonus tracks
10. All Blues
11. 81
12. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
13. Jive Samba
14. On Green Dolphin Street

The last is this installment comes from guitar-slinger by the name of Mick Ralphs and is entitled “That’s Life”. Mick’s third solo outing answers the question as to what he’s been doing while BAD COMPANY are on the road. No grudge anyway because the bonus tracks are both connected to BAD CO, one being the 1977’s unreleased cut and the second the original “Can’t Get Enough” demo written by Ralphs when still in MOTT THE HOOPLE.

1. That’s Life
2. Our Time
3. Fool For Your Loving
4. You And Me
5. Ain’t It Good
6. A to Z
7. Hey Hey
8. For My Baby
9. Nobody Knows Me
10. Under Pressure
11. Everybeat
bonus tracks
12. Can’t Get Enough (demo, 1970)
13. Budgie (unreleased BAD CO track, 1977) 

October 30, 2002

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