October 9, 2005


Twelve is a magical number, of course, and there’s a new proof: it’s been 12 years since the marvellous Kate Bush has released her last record and vanished into her domestic affairs. The fans were holding their breath for so long, and now comes the release: November 7th will see the release of “Aerial”, a two-part album that will surely quench the thirst and delight everyone.

Part One: A Sea of Honey
1. King Of The Mountain
2. Pi
3. Bertie
4. Mrs. Bartolozzi
5. How To Be Invisible
6. Joanni
7. A Coral Room
Part Two: A Sky of Honey
1. Prelude
2. Prologue
3. An Architect’s Dream
4. The Painter’s Link
5. Sunset
6. Aerial Tal
7. Somewhere In Between
8. Nocturn
9. Aerial


<Manfred Mann is more than just an artist: he's a British music institution whose ensembles' ranks have always included great musos and produced great music. When MANFRED MANN, the hugely successful '60s group, split and CHAPTER III ended charting non-commercial waters, nobody could safely bet on Manfred's glorious return. It came as a surprise - even more so once it became clear that Mann's new direction lay in the crosshair of progressive and hard rock. Slowly but surely, MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND made their way to the top, and what a rocky road it was. Some things got lost on the way – to be gathered now on “Odds & Sods – Mis-takes & Out-takes (30 Years of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)”. The four-disc collection is a treasure trove for a true fan, who will surely object that the band’s first album was, in fact, released more than three decades ago, in 1972, and this collection has gems dating back as early as 1969. Still, no one will argue that their finest hour dawned in 1975, with the fantastic “Nightingales And Bombers” album. Quite a reason to celebrate. Come all without, come all within!

CD1 – In The Beginning

1. Happy Being Me (1970)
2. Travelling Lady (1969)
3. Messin’ Up The Land (unreleased version) (1970)
4. Fish (unreleased) (1970)
5. Turn You Away From My Door (unreleased) (1970)
6. Ashes To The Wind (unreleased version) (1971)
7. Ned Kelly (unreleased) (1971)
8. Please Mrs Henry (unreleased version) (1971)
9. Jump Sturdy (unreleased version) (1971)
10. Holly Holy (unreleased) (1971)
11. Tribute (1971)
12. Ain’t No Crime (unreleased) (1971)
13. In The Beginning (1973)
14. Joybringer (1973)
15. Be Not Too Hard (1974)

CD2 – Hollywood Town

1. Blinded By The Light (1976)
2. Spirits In The Night 1976)
3. Living Without You (1971)
4. Pretty Good (USA only) (1975)
5. California Coastline (1972)
6. Hollywood Town (1979)
7. Chicago Institute (1977)
8. Quit Your Low Down Ways (USA only) (1975)
9. California (1977)
10. Runner (1984)
11. Summer In The City (unreleased) (1987)
12. Rebel (USA only) (1984)
13. Salmon Fishing (first released in States) (1992)

CD3 – Brothers And Sisters

1. Redemption Song (1984)
2. Singing The Dolphin Through (1976)
3. For You (1981)
4. I (Who Have Nothing) (single) (1982)
5. Redemptioin Song (1982)
6. Africa Suite (1982)
7. War Dream (B-side) (1982)
8. Heart On The Street (1981)
9. Telegram To Monica (1987)
10. All Through The Night (unreleased) (1988)
11. Better Place (unreleased) (1996)
12. Demolition Man (live) (1984)
13. Martha’s Madman (live) (1998)

CD4 – To The Limit

1. Instrumedicine Song (1990)
2. Geronimo’s Cadillac (unreleased version) (1993)
3. Tumbling Ball (unreleased version) (1996)
4. Lead Me To Water (unreleased) (1993)
5. To The Limit (unreleased) (1993)
6. Don’t Let Me Down (unreleased) (1993)
7. Nature Of The Beast (unreleased version) (1993)
8. Pleasure And Pain (unreleased live) (1993)
9. Dirty City (unreleased live) (1993)
10. Don’t Bring Me Down (unreleased live) (2001)
11. SOS (unreleased live) (2001)
12. Davy’s On The Road Again (unreleased live) (2001)
13. Hillbrow (unreleased) (2005)


Strange band is the other name for FAMILY. Sure, their music is not to everyone’s taste and Roger Chapman’s voice may feel alien to many. Still, there’s always been an elusive charm in what they did while they were doing it. The group don’t exist anymore, so those missing it greatly will find a great comfort in a new box set, “Old Songs New Songs”. Yes, it bears the title of a 1971’s album that was released in the US only, on 8-track and cassette tape, and though a CD version was planned for in 1990, it’s only now that the recordings have been remastered for inclusion in the set, which has much more rarities on it. A reproduction of the 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival programme falls in this category as well, and it makes sense to make hay, as there’s a bonus CD attached to the initial quantities of the box.

CD 1 – Old Songs New Songs:

1. Hurry Up Down
2. Today
3. Observations From A Hill
4. Good Friend Of Mine
5. Drowned In Wine
6. Peace Of Mind
7. Hometown
8. The Cat And The Rat
9. No Mule’s Fool
10. See Through Windows
11. The Weavers Answer
all previously unavailable on CD

CD 2:

1. Drowned In Wine (demo)
2. Love Is A Sleeper
3 Stop For the Traffic
4. Wheels
5. Song For Sinking Lovers
6. Number Six Blues (demo)
7. A Song For Me
8. No Mule’s Fool (demo)
9. Good news – Bad News (live)
10. Part Of The Load
11. Normans
12. Holding The Compass (live)
13. Anyway
10. Strange Band (live)

CD 3:

1. Burlesque
2. Bolero Babe
3. Coronation
4. My Friend The Sun
5. Glove
6. Ready to Go
7. Top Of The Hill
8. The Rockin’ B’s
9. In My Own Time
10. Seasons
11. Between Blue And Me (live)
12. Sing ‘Em The Way I Feel (live)
13. Sat’d’y Barfly
14. Larf & Sing
15. Spanish Tide (live)
16. Crinkley Grin

CD 4:

1. Blind
2. Burning Bridges
3. Children (live)
4. Take Your Partners
5. It’s Only A Movie
6. Buffet Tea For Two
7. Sweet Desire
8. Rockin’ Pneumonia And Boogie Woogie Flu (live)
9. Suspicion
10. Checkout
11. In My Own Time (live)
12. The Weavers Answer (live)

Bonus CD:

(available with the first 1000 copies only)
1. Song For Lot’s
2. Theme For A Dream
3. Wheels
4. Kick A Cat
5. Sinking Lovers
6. Part Of The Load
7. Drowned In Wine
8. Holding The Compass
9. Good News Bad News
10. The Weavers Answer
11. A Song For Me
1-5 – demos
6-11 – live in Munich, 1970

October 9, 2005

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