O.D.D. – O.D.D.

O.D.D. 2015

O.D.D. - O.D.D.

O.D.D. –

Atlanta trio score a hat-trick of heavy statements – high on rootsiness and low on fat.


Rising to the surface of Georgia’s fertile scene, this band are finally throwing the experience of covering classics – running from jazz rock to metal to prog – into their originals compositions. Three of them make an EP now to present an aural onslaught with a difference, as there’s a nice nuancing to the riff of “In The Shadows” that gets fleshed out with a muscle once Harley David-Smith’s guitar is joined with Gunny’s bass and The Muffer’s drums.

The band propel bluesy urgency towards a vortex of a solo abyss, while the mammoth shape of “Fire Tongue” comes cut more roughly, its rumble underpinned with a three-voice harmony which doesn’t eat away at the piece’s aggressive desperation. Yet “You Got Nothin'” sags on a dynamic front to concentrate on a melody that still has way to go: not odd for a young ensemble who demonstrate all the makings of a monster combo. Full album should deliver on this promise.


September 14, 2015

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